Zhejiang women volleyball team played as a whole does not mean that no core 1 Mars data WINS Olympic gold


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2016-17 national women’s volleyball League matches have ended yesterday afternoon, 4 Jiangsu women’s volleyball final metamorphosis harvested the first runner-up title. The cruelty of sport lies in the Championship while enjoying the flowers and applause, the losers have to bear the tears of defeat, Li Jing, Zhejiang women volleyball Spikers, in the case of two consecutive games to become full-Court scoring, Zhejiang team without a victory. Finals game after the game, Li Jing had shed tears of sorrow, remorse because of her negligence led to the team losing. However, if there is no Li Jing, Zhejiang could go to the final location is unknown. Even though Zhejiang is an overall volleyball, it doesn’t mean they are not core, Li Jing is the core.

With with final fourth field 28 points of excellent play, Li in League scored topped Shang beat Sichuan foreign aid Rourke, wing Deng topped, this is she following 2012-13, and 2013-14, and 2014-15 season zhihou, fourth times won League scored King; in spike list Shang, Li also ahead Rourke high home first; also Li also in block list, and serve list and received serve list Shang among League Qian 20, these data also showed that Li is toward full main of direction development.

Compared to the luxury Olympic women’s volleyball Squad, Jiangsu, Zhejiang women volleyball team is a civilian, although Li Jing with show selected for the national team in the League, but two in and two out for her would be a bitter, cannot be in the national team hold, unable to play in the international arena will one day let her to be labeled “woliheng” label. But sometimes, some things can, not everyone falls can successfully seize the chance, otherwise the world would be full of inspiring success stories, and Li Jing is clearly not the model. “Our strength is poor teams, playing up also very tired, I attacked earlier, they later helped me defensively. Is the runner-up, but it was worth it, after all nobody runner-up. “When it comes to the League runners-up, Li Jing, said she had no regrets, after all, they’ve tried our best.

The current Chinese women’s volleyball team, Ting Zhu is a monolith on the main line, Zhang Changning rapid growth, Hui Ruoqi “old” solid, basic was no longer give Li play space. Li Jing in the highlight moment for the national team, will stay forever in 2016 Asian Cup MVP and best on the main, and even then it doesn’t matter, after all, Li Jing had proved himself within the limits of their capacity. In the case of poor overall firepower of the Zhejiang, Li almost single-handedly to hit Zhejiang women volleyball out of the way, more than 60 times more than 70 times another spike for a female player, is indeed a great deal of physical challenges, but Li Jing carry down.

Zhejiang women volleyball team’s second score Yang Zhou has said retired after playing games, this also means that the already weak offensive firepower of Zhejiang women volleyball team next season will be even more inadequate. Li Jing with the democratisation of Zhejiang women volleyball team went down, Wu Sheng guidance how to use limited resources to maximum effect, are great fans look forward to things.

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