Zhang jike rejected son followed his father yiwanaoshaliwen to coincide with him


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In recent days, confide in when Grand Slam champion Zhang jike participate in variety shows, said the road from primary school table tennis too hard, will not let his son play table tennis. And Zhang jike, like their mentor Liu guoliang didn’t choose for my daughter to play ping-pong, Liu guoliang in the TV show had slightly teasing to explain why her daughter choose to play golf rather than table tennis, because the children at the table tennis World Championships in table tennis, no precedent as a world champion. And Liu guoliang he likes to play golf, when our daughter play golf, he can also be the opportunity to rub against the ball.

If Liu guoliang has a bit of “selfishness”, Zhang jike thoughts is relatively pure, he is simply do not want their children to suffer, because he knows from a yellow-hair in children to the world champion takes a much different from ordinary people’s efforts need to withstand criticism. And there is a world champion’s father, outside expectations only more not less, all of these factors are like a double-edged sword, is Zhang jike don’t want to don’t have to bear these risks, so he didn’t want their children to do professional table tennis player is understandable.

And Zhang jike has also idea of sports shot is by no means minority, Qian woman tennis world first, and French champion Ivanovic in talked about whether willing to future let himself of children engaged in tennis movement Shi, head shake have like rattle General, “I completely not agreed so do of, learning tennis on means with children not has a full of childhood, that too hard has, I didn’t want to himself of children so hard. “Ivanovic said.

Coincidentally, Alice snooker chuaoshaliwen also hope that their son will sport snooker, it is because he lost faith in the sport snooker result. “He wanted to go to a race car play tennis or do something else, I will help him, but if he wants to play snooker, it can only rely on their own. “O ‘ Sullivan said snooker sport polarized too serious, snooker player and even at the bottom of the food and clothing problem cannot be solved, for a sport that cannot guarantee player, O ‘ Sullivan tended to let his son stay away.

And Sullivan, as Selby in the world do not want their daughters to play billiards, preferring to let her daughter play golf, “Billiards pressure is very large, very upset, and I don’t want my daughter through this. And women’s Billiards is essentially no prize money, the support of her future life. “Selby said.

Career sports circle, child bearing in his father’s footsteps often will was biography, but, now has increasingly more of Olympic champion select let himself of children engaged in other sports project or fundamental not engaged in sports project, Tian Liang Let daughter learning tennis, but also just is as interest hobby; Li Xiaopeng, and Li, and Zheng Jie these sports name in talked about children future of education problem Shi all said to “left children himself select”, and not will parents of wills imposed in children body.

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