Zhang jike exposes childhood buttocks were swollen will not let my son play for practice


From Shenzhen satellite TV and great knowledge and innovation joint production of the second season of shining father good to continue broadcasting. Dream team Zhang jike came to Shenzhen last week caused quite a surprise. Zhang jike and Flash this week father Francis, white outline with children continues to tour Shenzhen, also takes this opportunity to broaden their horizons.

Known as “Tibetan Mastiff,” said Zhang jike, the face of innocent children is very relaxing, the show not only showed a rare playful, is the case open and Flash dad talk about things when I was young and broke: “table tennis as a child practiced well, butts will be father ‘ cauliflower ‘. “The childhood of hard training Flash dad was feeling, as we all know, when won table tennis champion Zhang jike in the 2012 London Olympic Games, he also became the Chinese table tennis history to win the” Grand Prix “at least if the table tennis player, time before and after a year and three months.

Get behind all this glory is unimaginably difficult. Four and a half when Zhang jike started table tennis practice, dad was his first coach, as the father’s father Zhang jike has no loose, but more strict requirements. From the enlightenment to the “Grand Slam”, winning 24 champion road, Zhang jike has been undergoing intense training, which he could not help in the program: “play table tennis too hard, will not allow my son to learn table tennis. ”

Zhang jike grew up in a strict environment, however, on the show and the kids was very warm the heart, let the children automatically “sticky” him, not only that, Zhang jike and “encouraging education” into Flash in the dad, four Flash Dad’s educational philosophy became more diversified.

Zhang jike encourage introverted shy brave Peng last week to take the first step, not only gain support from users, also received the Guangming daily blog “called” praise: “be strong dominance, nor compassion charity, respect for the child, equal exchange, to face the difficulties together with their children, to warm my heart boy like”. Zhang jike in the week and the kids get along in the process and what will warm the heart move? Stay tuned on Saturday Shenzhen TV’s second season of shining father 21:10, with Zhang jike we dream for the children. (China entertainment network)

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