Zhang faces a challenge less than Xia Xuanze activate ACE is top priority


Chinese badminton team announced a new coaching staff, Xia Xuanze, Zhang June group singles and group doubles coach, respectively. Zhang was a two-time mixed doubles Olympic champion, and later served as men’s doubles coach, Zhang Nan/Fu Haifeng and CAI Yun/Fu Haifeng, respectively won the London Olympic Games and the Rio Olympics champion. Current feather three doubles are good couple, if Zhang can focus on training, these people want to provoke girders, continuation of badminton doubles glory.

Zhang is a good mixed doubles and men’s doubles player, at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and higher before the cooperation, continuously conquer the world famous Martin lundgaard/Tri kusharyanto/minarti Timur and Olson, won the mixed doubles gold medal. Four years later they defeated England in the Robertson/Ames, the defending mixed doubles champions.

In addition, he is the Chinese team won in 1999, 2001 and 2005 sudirman Cup made a difference, especially in the 1999 sudirman Cup semifinals and finals, he teamed up with Yu Jinhao, respectively against the Danish name is Sven-Goran Eriksson/Larson, South Korea name is Liu Yong/Lee Dong-soo, for the Chinese team to get two key victories. In 2001, the Soviet Cup semi-finals, he teamed up with Zhang Wei, defeated Danish men’s doubles player Sven-Goran Eriksson/Larson, made a contribution for the Chinese team to win again. In addition, Zhang and high, before the cooperation, at the 2001 World Championships victory over South Korean star Kim Dong-moon/RA Kyung-min, won the mixed doubles title. Two people also has three times won the all-England mixed doubles title, can be called a mixed doubles Grand Slam Winner.

2007 Zhang retired as badminton doubles assistant coach from 2008 men’s doubles coach. Zhang Nan/Fu Haifeng and CAI Yun/Fu Haifeng, respectively won the London Olympic Games and the Rio Olympics doubles champion, CAI Yun/Fu Haifeng won the 2009, 2010 and 2011 World Championships as well as the 2013 World Championships in third. In addition Liu Xiaolong/Qiu Zihan was awarded the 2015 World Championships runner-up, by 13 to get the key points of the Chinese team in the sudirman Cup finals. Men’s doubles Chai Biao/Hong Wei won the Rio Olympic Games fourth place. Men’s doubles badminton five projects one of the most competitive, can this achievement is not easy.

Nearly a year ago, rookie Li Junhui/Liu yuchen got a super champion, three Super tournament runner-up, climbed to second place in the world ranking, significant progress. Zhang Nan/Liu Cheng, Chai Biao/Hong Wei, who is also quite competitive. Also thinking, Cheng Huang Kaixiang, Wang Yilv, Lu Kai, who is also quite good, male successors, still can compete for a World Series champion.

As a doubles team after head coach, Zhang is also responsible for the women’s doubles, mixed doubles. Women’s doubles while the combination of the lack of absolute power, but Chen/Jia Yifan in the morning, Li Yinhui/Huang Dongping, Bao Yixin/Yu Xiaohan, and Huang Yaqiong/Tang Jinhua, Locke/Luo Yu won five combination has a considerable competitive edge, as long as the training activities, women’s doubles, China can still regain the advantage. Mixed double Zheng thinking/Chen Qingchen, Lu Kai/Huang Yaqiong performance is more stable, won four Super champion this year, won twice runners-up, currently occupy the top two places. Zhang Nan/Li Yinhui is strong, mixed doubles State feather five projects are the best of the situation.

Smaller challenge than of General Zhang Xia Xuanze, doubles as long as catch well, can dominate again. Mixed doubles is now already occupy the upper hand in the new cycle. Men’s doubles is always the strongest melee, no combination has absolute power, Li Junhui/Liu yuchen, rookie tactics further, can be in the World Series Championship.

(Winter season)

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