Zhang Changning need not go abroad to play the four factors that determine the time is not ripe


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Recently held in Hainan’s “Boao Forum for Asia sports night”, the host Zhang bin quoted lang as saying Zhang Changning after Ting Zhu, the most promising of active national women’s volleyball team became the second country to play. Zhang Changning and her family seems to be not too keen on the market. From the following objective situation, Zhang Changning abroad playing time is not ripe now.

China League level of world class

Zhang Changning 21, Tokyo Olympic cycle is one of the backbone of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, young players for her, the past few years to develop is critical. If Zhang Changning is to go abroad, you need to consider whether to get exercise and improve, but countries now see not too many better than Jiangsu women’s volleyball Club, leagues rarely higher than the US women’s volleyball league.

Turkish women’s volleyball League matches this season, 22 games of the regular season Ting Zhu only played 15 times, and why? That three National League teams, wajifu Bank encountered dishes, virtually with Ting Zhu of world’s top attack, kill the chicken to use a sledgehammer.

Income doesn’t appeal

Let players play abroad, in addition to outside training, income is also key. Jiangsu women’s volleyball team is the national champion, regular treatment is not bad.

This year, Jiangsu women’s volleyball history to win the League, games bonus of 1.8 million, Changzhou Municipal Government Awards 2 million on the spot. NEC of Japan to win women’s volleyball team on the same day the bonus is only 15 million yen (about 920,000 yuan). Jiangsu women’s volleyball team and won this Championship, there will be reward for provincial sports authorities. Ting Zhu played in the Turkish League, annual salary of 1.1 million euros, she was women’s volleyball training of Henan province, Ting Zhu gets as much as parent Club during a cut, so far there is no clear reports. As an Olympic champion + newly crowned national champion, the commercial value of Jiangsu women’s volleyball team is also on the rise.

Personal family conditions

Zhang Changning family very well, she grew up in his parents ‘ home, she played volleyball has to eat a lot, Zhang Changning mother reluctant daughter suffering can be understood abroad, in China at least facilitate the family take care of her.

From the exercise and development of young people, completely playing into an unfamiliar environment like Ting Zhu, their exercise of linguistic skills, self-care skills, is necessary. In the year Zhang Changning and play volleyball instead, just graduated from high school, she received an invitation to American colleges and universities, and willing to give her scholarship, her mother Jiang Qiuhan is supported. But Zhang Changning and later in indoor volleyball venue soon showed great talent and ability, in 2014 and enters the Chinese women’s volleyball team, Zhang Changning parents thought their daughter should now have better career planning.

She needs this year turned over “home”

Zhang Changning and her mother temporarily not considering going abroad to play, also relevant to this year was a special year. Games of year, like Zhang Changning, current national champion, needs to fight for hometown, even Ting Zhu in Turkey after playing back quickly after the game over there, help the Henan women’s volleyball games.

For the women’s volleyball team, and is mainly national games this year. Chinese women volleyball team and the 2018 season definitely shengzhang soldier, in September next year the World Championships. If at the beginning of next year after the end of the domestic season, Lang ping to help Zhang Changning linked to a short-term effect of the League, where neither Turkey nor the League may consider Zhang Changning went out to try to go abroad.

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