Wrestling ladies indecent video exposure with macho wild war (picture)


British professional wrestling star PEC (Paige), the popularity soared in these two days, Internet users from all kinds of websites all over the world watched wrestling on human skill, but here refers to the PA PA PA skills. A 4-minute having sex and playing with “small toys” merge video, there are some “class photo”, Internet users find interesting eating melon, wrestling fans watching in amazement. Britain quickly followed suit, many media reports, Paige admitted that he suffered in a major life crisis.

Paige was the cause their cell phones for hackers to guess. Paige said on Twitter: “my personal photos stolen, unfortunately without my consent, known to the world. “It is clear that the real crisis is not from the photos. Although these photos are indeed more exposure, but girls are writhing around in the mirror or something, seems to be common throughout the world, in fact, is nothing new. This video is really good, at first she is holding a fun tool to play off, and then they find macho to discuss. Page in the second half of last year and Mexican professional wrestler Alberto del Leo engaged to the man in the video … … But more than one person, so this page really are major causes of the crisis.

Page formerly known as Salaya-Judd-Jonathan bewers, Chinese circle of professional wrestling fans also Cheng Pei her orange or Peggy. She was born on August 17, 92 in a professional wrestling family in Norwich, was 13 years old to join the professional wrestling, WWE women champion twice (WWE Divas Championship) and in 21 years and 233 days, became the tournament’s youngest player, because the events were replaced by WWE women’s champion last year, Paige the youngest record is permanent.

Paige personal number of Twitter followers has now risen to 1.81 million people, kill many ordinary stars in the mainstream sports. Her profile is also very interesting: “the heart of the wild, Gypsy soul” from the video she is very open and allowing the partner holding a cell phone to shoot scenes, perhaps this comes sooner or later.


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