World table tennis championship entry list released Zhang an nominated veteran Wang Chen of the United States defeated


29th International table tennis Federation news, the United States on March 26 in Morrisville triangular table tennis table tennis national team ended a 3-day team selection, players in one round of intense competition in the play list of the 2017 Liebherr world table tennis championships in Dusseldorf.

After the March 23 qualifying tournament, players carefully in the face of the United States following the match, because this assessment relates directly to the World Table Tennis Championships May play in the team squad.

Now 20, has participated in two Olympic Zhang an of the United States, are trying to impact to the individual world table tennis championship for the 8th time. In 2009, Yokohama World table tennis championships on the world stage for the first time, and over the next 6 years on behalf of the American team. As the team in the singles top seed, Zhang an 1th round 4:2 thrilling victory in the women’s singles final Wang Chen, the first outlet, access to world table tennis championship tickets.

The Rio Olympics, Zhang an’s teammate Wu 玥, 27 years old, qualifying 2nd in the team defeated Guan Shan 1th, take 2nd World table tennis championship tickets. This will be the first time in her career for the United States against the world table tennis championships. 1th Guan Shan on the 3rd day of the match, becoming the 3rd person to join world table tennis championship women’s player of the playing squad. Final places by beating Wang Chen, Wang Xiu accepted.

Man Group, ageti (Adar Alguetti), bright eyes, beat top seed in one-fourth final Djaha (Kanak Jha), and finished in straight sets in the final 3 innings to hand Europe (Nicholas Tio), lead to eligibility for the world table tennis championships played. Kou Di (Kunal Chodri) and Djaha on the 2nd day of the race battling 7 innings, successful Sally. 3rd day, Djaha battled again in the final 7 innings, finally succeeded, which took 3rd place. The last places in Europe to accept the.

At this point, the war for 2017 respectively of the United States of the world table tennis championships: women’s group Zhang an, Wu 玥, Guan Shan and Wang Xiu Yi; the men are Djaha, ageti, Kou Di and l. They will be good debut after 62 days in Düsseldorf, Germany and countries competitive.

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