World Championships-Ding Junhui break Selby 5-3 Pak closeout semi-final first stage


Beijing on April 27, 2017-start of the snooker world championship semi-final, long Ding Junhui, China and defending champion Mark Selby in the first stage of the competition the stabilizing, making five-bar 50+ Bai to lead 5-3 Council, and a broken, second stage of the competition will be conducted in the next game on both sides.

The Crucible were welcomed at noon at the first semi-final of the World Championship, both sides was the defending champion and first runner-up of the World Championship Selby and Ding Junhui, after both sides played 26 times, Selby 13-1 win and World Championship two games against each of them win 2011 finals Ding Junhui won in the war, and last year’s world final sale beat Ding Junhui won the Championship. This season, the two have met in the finals, namely the Shanghai masters and international championships, with each victory, the met is both played for the third time at the World Championships and also the third game of the season vs.

Game started at eight o’clock in the evening at the Beijing time, with 17 out of 33 sets, divided into four phases. First Council Ding Junhui kickoff, several round wrapped around bucket Hou Selby will mother ball posted died top library and seal live has back ball line, Ding Junhui was forced to select non-general way solutions red ball into passive, Selby further control accounts ball fell bit, Ding Junhui thin ball no thin to sent out 4 points, Selby then far Taiwan attack succeeded, single rod 45 points zhihou go bit errors into defense, a entanglement Hou Selby errors leak in the bags attack opportunities, Ding Junhui started single rod 76 points reversed win next Council.

Second Council start stage defense war Ding Junhui back ball left separate a star red ball in middle, Selby decisive select attack red ball end of bags succeeded, single rod won 68 points Hou go bit errors into defense, but no deliberately of to do Republika Connaught grams, Ding Junhui back ball back defense initiative, Selby defense line bad was forced to attempts to far Taiwan attack missed, Ding Junhui then long Taiwan playing into side library red ball started, won 22 time-sharing appeared attack errors interrupted scored, long time standoff Hou Selby continuous two rod turned bags all succeeded got 9 points Super points win, Leveled the score 1-1.

Third Council kickoff Hou Ding Junhui long Taiwan attack errors target ball play to has top bags mouth, Selby started have 5 points Hou interrupted, continues to several Rod compete for Hou Ding Junhui back ball will a star red ball hit has end of bags mouth, Selby playing into bags lipstick ball again started have 19 points attack end of library black ball partial out sent opportunities, Ding Junhui took over Hou played single rod 83 points will score rewrite into 2-1. IV Ding first errors left in the bag wide angle thin ball, Selby 99 break in thin red ball to start playing again equalised.

Council between rest Hou both returned to field Shang began fifth Council, start stage Ding Junhui has defense of is closely, Selby also is far Taiwan low Rod playing into side library red ball started, get 15 points Hou k ball effect bad into defense, two round compete for Hou Selby defense leak ball, Ding Junhui aimed at shipped Rod Shi accidentally met mother ball foul, Selby then playing into red ball but go bit poor again defense, more long a time of Defense competition Hou Ding Junhui line appeared deviation leak ball, Selby started have 24 points appeared attack errors sent out opportunities, Ding Junhui took over 32 points break, Selby then attack started receiving lightening red balls, Ding Junhui in the balls for the unexpected bag into the yellow ball into a passive, Selby times snooker by chance after Qing CAI to fan the ball ahead into the score 3-2.

Sixth Council Ding Junhui will mother ball posted live red ball heap, Selby shipped Rod Shi hand met has red ball foul, zhihou of continues to defense in the Ding Junhui attempts to thin red ball very thin of thin side two times no met ball, in third times hit must met red ball of pressure Xia Ding Junhui modified playing side library red ball results leak opportunities, Selby started, but only get 8 points on appeared attack errors, Ding Junhui then playing into red ball distal top bags started single rod 52 points Hou attack black ball partial out, Selby took over but soon interrupted, A red ball when Ding Junhui defensive error left far left chances to opponents, saierbiqing to green ball break after Ding Junhui by snooker took the initiative several times, Selby a thin coffee ball sends out a free ball, Ding Junhui equalised then started to 87-53.

Seventh Council Selby in start stage defense in the leak end of bags lipstick ball, Ding Junhui punches attack playing lost red ball sent out opportunities, Selby playing into red ball is shortly thereafter playing lost black ball will opportunities returned, Ding Junhui started played single rod 50 time-sharing mother ball and red ball phase posted, helpless into defense, Selby shortly thereafter on appeared defense errors, Ding Junhui thin into big angle red ball end of bags again started completed Super points, Selby does not gave up, but a rod back ball Hou Ding Junhui through long Taiwan attack and once started win, 4-3 again made leading.

Ding Junhui, drawing the defensive start to the eighth inning put the cue ball coffee make snooker ball both sides, powder and sent the ball to the ball accidentally solution saierbiyiku solution opportunities, Ding Junhui started 110 break in play to extend the score to 5-3, Ding Junhui leading Council concluded the first stage of the competition, both the second phase will take place in Beijing on 28th at five o’clock in the afternoon.

Technical statistics of the first stage of the competition on both sides, scoring success Ding Junhui 90%-Selby 90%, longest goal success rate 50%-Ding Junhui Selby 79%, safety ball success Ding Junhui 84%-Selby 75%, we can see that the first stage of Ding Junhui defensive stability is better than Selby known for both offensive and defensive.

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