Women’s volleyball team open team structure will remain stable head coach Jenny Lang ping times


CNS, Beijing, March 30 (reporter Yue Chuan)-Association of China Women’s volleyball team was announced on 29th 2017 training notice, “head coach Jenny Lang ping” times with the opening. Lang ping said that as a head coach, she will plan the development direction of the team, and led of actual work performed by An Jiajie.

“Head coach Jenny Lang ping” times open

The Rio Olympics, under the situation of Chinese women’s volleyball team out of the tournament on the verge “born to die” and enter the phased out after the game and even g Brazil, the Netherlands, Serbia’s three enemies, the first time in 12 years, won an Olympic gold medal for the third time in history. As the team coach, Lang ping reputedly.

On September 30 last year, Lang ping and the Chinese women’s volleyball team’s contract officially expired, about whether she will continue to run after command was also cause for concern. CCTV in the documentary film the turning point-lang, Lang ping said his leg hurt more, at this stage, to treat first. But she also said, if to continue coaching, Chinese women’s volleyball team is the only option.

Beijing time on January 20, Lang ping Chicago had successful hip surgery in the United States, United States after rehabilitation therapy. In an interview, she admitted that due to health reasons, “this year’s (Chinese women’s volleyball team) coach would still be difficult. “Still, lang said, she wants in whatever case, for a new women’s volleyball team to help.

“No matter who coached the national team this year, is to be formed. I will also do my modest, help line set up teams. “Coach Lang ping said, and training in the new issue notice, her position was no longer the coach, the coach is her new identity.

The team structure will remain stable

According to Xinhua, in parsing the duties of head coach Lang ping said, she will complete team planning the direction of the team, and assist the coaching staff to complete training and duty, led of actual work performed by An Jiajie.

Lang also said he would actively treatment and rehabilitation. Volleyball sport Administration Centre of State General Administration of sport director Li quanqiang said Lang ping at the current stage of physical rehabilitation is the first. In the case of surgery, if head coach, body burdens, unfavorable to recovery.

Post one letter short, Lang ping will also more macro-control team. Compared with past Olympic cycles, former team coach be retained. Has been promoted to pipe Center Deputy Director Lai Yawen will continue to serve as the leader of the women’s volleyball team and coach, former assistant coach, An Jiajie as Executive coaches, accompanying coach was promoted to assistant coach, former national volleyball player Yuan Zhi with the coach. Other members of the team, such as doctors, physical therapists, rehabilitation therapists, all are “old faces”. This configuration ensures the continuity of the team, coaching ideas, notes from the side, became head coach Lang ping was still coaching the team’s backbone.

As national team coach, started the actual burden of lead, is a new challenge for An Jiajie, especially in terms of experience and pressure. But as lang’s Assistant, An Jiajie team standing on the highest podium of World Cup, Olympic Games in a row and conjunction with the rest of the coaching staff for many years. For this group of players, An Jiajie also not new, main frame of the Rio games, this will help him adapt to your executive coaching job in a short time, with a good team.

Netizens hope Tokyo Olympic Games

Women’s Volleyball contest tasks not important this year, but as the Tokyo Olympic Games the first year of the cycle, the arduous work of the national team. In the list of the new issue of training, the team on the second pass, Middle blocker updated in multiple locations such as new blood, new Asian Championship, Grand Prix experience is needed as soon as possible, on top of, and prepare for next year’s World Championships. Is not only a player An Jiajie also need to borrow from all competitions this year complete the transition. The 2014 World Championships, Chinese women’s volleyball team lost to the United States in the final, but then to have won the World Cup and an Olympic gold medal.

Lang served as head coach of the national team, the most joy but also a few fans. Many users are messages on the social networking site, Lang ping and a blessing to her new women’s volleyball team, a lot of people have been looking for three years after the Tokyo Olympics. Japan is Lang ping became world champion for the first time–1981 years, Chinese women’s volleyball team won the World Cup with 7 WINS record, that’s big ball project, China’s first world champion, Lang ping and when “award for outstanding athlete.”

Many people are looking forward to a perfect ending, and with new head coach Jenny Lang ping of China Women volleyball team, will once again embark on the journey. (End)

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