Weak world championship? into 4 Ding Junhui reborn this time for two consecutive years


Beijing time the night of April 26, 2017 has third World Snooker Championship qualify for the top 4 players, Ding Junhui beat five-times world champion Ronnie o ‘ Sullivan 13-10 to, for two consecutive years entered the World Championship semi-finals.

Ding Junhui, after entering the profession, o ‘ Sullivan long played the role of Ding, Ding Junhui 10 years ago successfully into the world championship race, but unfortunately lost a 2-10, and both played in the tournament for the last 1 time (2014 finals in Wales), Ding also was humiliated by Sullivan. Although Sullivan failed to win a Crown in the tournament this season, but before the game, including the BBC commentary guest (Hendry), as well as many Chinese fans are not optimistic about Ding Junhui out Sullivan.

Although history confrontation record for Ding Junhui is adverse, but Ding Junhui to has game Shang no any stage fright, Sullivan often defense appeared some slip, Ding Junhui always decisive shot into far Taiwan attack, mother ball impartial called to balls, to guarantee has attack continuity, and to has game last stage, dang Sullivan gradually back feel, will Council points chase near Shi, Ding Junhui also no relax alert, patience and opponents deal, and efficient caught opponents errors won has victory.

This year World Championships coincides with the Cruz Fort 40 Annual Memorial, is Ding Junhui campaign World Championships 10th a year, once upon a time, Ding Junhui in World Championships performance always let people criticized, China Dragon Qian 8 times World Championships of Brigade, except 2011 stumbled scored 4 strong zhiwai, remaining 7 times Basic is game also didn’t for to half will early out ended, many fans suspected Ding Junhui whether a to Cruz Fort on acclimatized, seems to poor playing World Championships such super long-term situation format.

But Ding Junhui 3 World Championship performances and results proved that he had broken free from a World Championship on weak fault. 3 years into the last eight in a row, at least the last two semi-finals, looking back over the past 40 years, a player scoring the Championship for two consecutive years top 4 examples are not uncommon, many world champion had been completed, even if without the world champion players, such as Joe-swell, maikemanusi, bond, Hawkins. But after in camp, 2 consecutive World Championships is not much scoring 4, only before Robertson, Selby had completed, with the rebound of recent sessions at the World Championships, Ding Junhui’s World Championships results in players of the younger generation are at a relatively leading status.

While breaking the cycle of 11 year winless rockets, but given the current Sullivan some get old, its attack on the table compared to the standard 3-4 years ago a small decline, so this victory does not mean World Championships after Ding Junhui won the path becomes very smooth. Upcoming top 4 battle, the opponent will be world number one Ding Junhui Selby, last year’s world final, Selby blocked Ding Junhui won the Grand Slam dream and last State Championship final, Selby is the 10-1 win over Ding Junhui. Now Selby at the height of career, his level of play in both ends of the floor better than Ding Junhui had encountered any opponent, Ding Junhui still requires being prepared for battle. (Han Yue Tian)

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