Usain bolt home warm-up buleikebaoweier Lightning: 9 seconds 7 lines


So far, usain bolt at the World Championships before the warm-up, still only June 10 game in Jamaica’s home Grand Prix, and is named after his club’s Grand Prix. Taking into account the bolt will retire after the World Championships, the real “see a little one” stage, was not very high at this event, also became notable. Tournament organizers announced on Friday that not only world famous men and women sprinters come from MO Farah (distance running), David Lu Disha (800 m), and even Christian Taylor (long jump and triple jump) and dash items have nothing to top names will also participate. In addition to warm-up, holding bolt is also the main cause of it.

Of course most concern is bolt’s direct rivals. First home Club of Blake and Powell both Jamaica’s top players will play top competition between three people, a much-told story of the history of the men of the world hundred meters. You could say they were enemies, but on the other hand they are also maintain close cooperation for many years in the relay of the Super friends. Another 200 m to run down 19 79 seconds as the Warren-will also be participating.

Foreign players, is seen as a new generation of hundred-metre King Blomer appearances, the Rio Olympic defeat (the final eighth) was a blow, but still only 21 years old Blomer is a hundred meters one of the top players, no doubt about it. But today (March 18), Blomer hasn’t 17 debut.

In addition is the 400 m world record holder, South Africa’s name fannikeerke, he was the world’s first 100-meter race to 10 seconds, 200 meters to within 20 seconds, the Super Sprint 400 meters to within 44 seconds of genius. His body full of creating miracles possible. Bolt praised fannikeerke as “training extremely hard, strong-willed” player. When it comes to South Africa, the world hundred meters so far this year best (9 93 seconds) the creator ximubinei to play, his personal best is 9 seconds 89, Rio finished fifth in the finals.

The closer to the end of a career, usain bolt touched, in an interview with Reuters, bolt said: “although I am not an emotional person, but I really want to cry. This is my last home game. I feel good now, in January after the Australia match now, I would have back in training, the coach also satisfied with my performances in training out of that smooth feeling, this is a good sign. ”

Communicate with bolt, one inevitably asks how much he is going to run this always said don’t get fed up with problems. Although it is not at its best, and last year usain bolt stresses the need to treat to enjoy to. But he’s still very amazing, simply referring to the National Grand Prix, his goal was 9 seconds 7! Bolt said, “season I don’t have to run too fast, 9 seconds 7 is very good, the last home run into such a special time and place, should be enough. ”

Given to usain bolt in Rio also ran 9 81 seconds in the finals, individual world record 9 58 seconds, this game will have to run 9 seconds 7, even if it is 9 79 seconds, it is very amazing results. But coach Glen Mills, bolt’s pronouncements did not doubt, he said, “usain bolt is on his personal standards now stand. I’m sure he will be good for the State, return to the audience wonderful performances. ”


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