UFC’s top ten classic second World War (part one): blockbuster reversed Edgar draws Maynard


UFC UFC209 Tai-lun, China-Woodley (Tyron Woodley) VS Steven Thompson (Stephen Thompson) welterweight champion of second world war does not satisfy you, but in fact, staged in a Octagon cage Classic replay of countless. Count ten in UFC history is worth a look for you to look at Classic replay. (Sorted by game time)

UFC152, Matt Hughes (Matt Hughes) VS Frank Trieger (Frank Trigg) 2

This is rare in UFC history winner in the first round of the second fight, is one of the few dramatic match. Opening of the match, Hughes was Trieger was accidentally kicked in the crotch, and lock by rear naked choke, it gave defending champion Hughes is a big challenge. However, the by Pat Miletic (Pat Miletich) taught himself out of the Championship was not over, he broke away from the rear naked choke, picked Trieger through half Octagon cage after he fell to the ground, and put a rear naked choke successfully subdued the opponent. The game was named the year’s best to surrender, and was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

UFC Fight Night 10, Spencer Fisher (Spencer Fisher) VS Sam stout (Sam Stout) 2

In the couple’s clash for the first time, Sam Stott played defeated the temporary differences determined by Spencer Fisher. A year later, the two sides have fully launched with the preparation of the second world war. Although the two are not eligible to challenge for the title, but this does not mean that rights of the two young men do not fight. Game two people took out their all, and also to show people the real mixed martial arts movement of technology and passion. Eventually Fisher with a unanimous decision victory over stout revenge. After 5 years in June 2012, two people and a three-fight, but this time Fisher to determine lost again.

UFC125, Frankie-Edgar (Frankie Edgar)-VS grey Maynard (Gray Maynard) 2

2011 showdown on January 1 of the year in the Lightweight Championship fight there. It was a dramatic game, but also drew a rare champion in UFC history. Maynard, in the first round with one blow knocked down Edgar, then repeatedly Chase TKO opponent each time, but tenacious Edgar through the thrilling first leg, and Vietnam over the next couple of rounds, but in the last two rounds, but he took the initiative. Final 25 minutes after the three referees for the two of them a 48-16, and a 47-47 game to draw differences.

UFC132, Dominic Cruz (Dominick Cruz)-Fabayre VS Uriah (Urijah Faber) 2

From a couple of WEC into UFC’s biggest card players, and they continue in WEC Yes vendetta to the octagonal cage. Before this fight, Fabayre is the only one who beat Cruz, when he took only 98 seconds to overcome an opponent. The second fight is like a conspiracy of chess, Cruz through constant combat and walk to Fabayre attack, and as the leader of Team Alpha Male, Fabayre is through speed and strength to fight back. Three referees eventually won by unanimous decision, Cruz’s advantage in the points, and two of the three times or up to 5 years after the war was staged.

UFC140, Frank Mir (Frank Mir) VS Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira) 2

3 years ago, Mir KO beat “Daniel headman” Nogueira won UFC welterweight interim title, and became the first person to end Nogueira. Three years after the second world war, Brazilians are vowing revenge, punch in the first round Mir hit him stagger, but did not pursue the end competitors, but to bring competition into the ground. After a fruitless attempt to guillotine surrendering Tamil, Mills rely on successful need the Kimura lock, and staged the most brutal scene in UFC history directly to Nogueira’s arm breaking. This second war ended with Mir wins again, but also no doubt added to the surrender of the year that year. (UFC tough, China)

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