UFC Fight Night review 106: Kelvin TKO first round Vito


UFC UFC Fight Night, China 106 has been held in Beijing on March 12 in Fortaleza, Brazil. In all 12 games in a total of 4 times KO 3 to surrender.

Headlines in the main event, at age 25, Kelvin-gaisitelumu (Kelvin Gastelum) once again showed the advantages of young, both in speed and power, he’s are significantly stronger than that of Vito-Belfort (Vitor Belfort). After several attacks against Vito, gaisitelumu combination bowling over the middle of Vito in the first round, but the subsequent pursuit on the ground did not translate into victory. Escaped after only a 1 minute combination of Vito gaisitelumu again, decisively this time the referee terminated the game. In this way, gaisitelumu massacre in the first round TKO defeat of Brazilian legend Don Vito, winning streak rose to 3.

Combined with the main event, “the General”-Hu A Mo Ruixi Europe (Mauricio Rua) VS JI an-weilante (Gian Villante) light heavyweight fight is fierce. Both sides in the previous two rounds have a chance to hit the opponent, but may have failed to win in the final. A few seconds after the start of the third round, Hu A continuous beat weilante edge of forced step backwards to cage, and even some unstable, taking advantage of the Chase, through continuous strike end TKO weilante, 2013 has been made since the end of the first victory.

Adelson-Barboza (Edson Barboza) VS Neil daliyoushi (Beneil Dariush) against represent the highest standard of lightweight lightweight. Interaction between two people in the first round, difficult race. First half of the second leg, still there is no breakthrough, but just then Barbosa with a sudden remember flying knee daliyoushi in the Centre of the head, KO ending it directly, causing the whole climax of the fans.

Home of Zhu Xier-fumijia (Jussier Formiga) met from Ray Borg (Ray Borg) challenge, scored in the first two rounds the two standard levels versus the amount of flies, fast acting and counterattack was wonderful. In the third round of the game, a close scene finally overcome, cuddling in a row, and the upper floor of the Borg pressed and rear naked choke firmly suppressed fumijia. The final three rounds, three Borg 29-28 advantage won by unanimous decision, winning the 5th in the last 6 games.

Bass-keleiya (Bethe Correia) VS Marie-enleinuo (Marion Reneau) women’s young face is another difficult race game. Both are offensive-minded players, but whether it’s power when kicking to truly harm the opponent. Final 15 minutes after the end of the fight, both with 27-29, 28-28, 28-28 of a majority decision draw.

“The Brazilian cowboy” Alex-Ricardo Oliveira (Alex Oliveira) is perhaps the evening’s most exciting players, although Tim Abbey (Tim Means) in the second world war did not take any advantage from the first leg, but excited at the outset of the second round but he gradually took the initiative. Middle part of the round, he managed the Abbey into a ground war, and seize the opportunity to rear naked choke submission victory, remained unbeaten in the last 4 games.

The best bonuses, the “best match” bonus with no very good game there and vacancies, so “best performance” bonuses was handed out 4, respectively by Kelvin-gaisitelumu, Adelson-Barboza, Josh Peter Kerman (Josh Burkman)-Henrik and Paul-Costa (Paulo Henrique Costa) to share.

Following is the final result of the event: (# is the player currently in the order of magnitude of the official rankings)

The main event:

Middleweight: Vito-Belfort (Vitor Belfort) (#9) the Kelvin-gaisitelumu (Kelvin Gastelum) (#10)

Light heavyweight: Mo Ruixi Europe-Hu A (Mauricio Rua) (#7), Sheng Jian-weilante (Gian Villante) (#12)

Lightweight: Adelson-Barboza (Edson Barboza) (#5) WINS bennier-daliyoushi (Beneil Dariush) (#9)

Fly orders of magnitude: Zhu Xier-fumijia (Jussier Formiga) (#3) Ray Borg (Ray Borg) (#8)

Young woman orders of magnitude: bass-keleiya (Bethe Correia) (#9), Marie-enleinuo (Marion Reneau) (#13)

Middleweight: Alex-Ricardo Oliveira (Alex Oliveira) than Tim Abbey (Tim Means)

Deputy tournament:

Lightweight: Francesco-telinaerduo (Francisco Trinaldo) Kevin Lee (Kevin Lee)

Middleweight: Sergio molas (Sergio Moraes) WINS David Ramos (Davi Ramos)

Young order of magnitude: Lani-Yahya (Rani Yahya) (#14), Joel Soto (Joe Soto)

Lightweight: Michelle-Prazeres (Michel Prazeres) Josh Burton Kerman (Josh Burkman)

Featherweight: Ronnie-Jason (Rony Jason) Jeremy Kennedy (Jeremy Kennedy)

Middleweight: Gareth-McLaren (Garreth McLellan)-Henrik-Paul Costa (Paulo Henrique Costa)

(UFC tough, China)

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