Ting Zhu: the market season played 50 minutes more to win the Turkish League champion



Xinhua News Agency,, April 26 (reporter He Canling)-last September, Ting Zhu joined the national Chinese women’s volleyball team of Turkish wajifu, opened his first market season. During the seven-month period, Ting Zhu learned a Champions League Medal with the team, but unfortunately missed she wanted most to take the League title. Now the market is coming to an end in the first quarter, but in the past, is a prologue, and market experience in the first year would be her an invaluable asset for the future.

For Ting Zhu told Xinhua in an interview transcript below:

Xinhua News Agency reporter (hereinafter referred to as mind): first of all, congratulations for this season’s European champion in women’s volleyball Champions League. Final wajifu after the Bank got the match point, your opponents mistakes caused by a record Spike and won the game, look at your mood and feelings.

Ting Zhu (hereinafter referred to as ink): this is the first time we are close to winning, pull the ball I was looking forward to get to, the game ends as soon as possible. (After opponent blunders) we are very happy, the whole team, boiling, everyone congratulated each other, saying we are the best.

Note: the four matches in the Champions League semi-final and final wajifu Bank was 3:0 victory, that is different than many games before the team’s performance, so why the semifinals and finals to play well?

Julia: I think first of all is to start League semi-final defeat, ten days from the Champions League last four match when we began preparations. In Istanbul, they were watching a lot of videos and imitation training, went to Italy until after doing a lot of training. I think this is the cause of our four race to win easily.

Note: semi-final play e (aizhajiebase), have a big deficit but in the end you still pull back, was suspended when coaches tell you what?

Chu: coach says we don’t give up, after all, the League one home before we fell behind but eventually reversed, we have this kind of turnaround experience. (Laughs)

Remember: this is your first champion and most valuable player at the Club level, Champions League of difficulty and competitiveness with the World Cup, the Olympic Games be any different?

Julia: I think the Champions League is very strong and should be considered top events of the volleyball community, gathered a lot of star players, the intensity and competitiveness than the match between national teams.

Note: wajifu team has played in 44 Games this season, so intense the race you have never experienced before, how do you make physical adjustments of the season?

Julia: sure. There are some problems in the middle of League my energy, many fans said Zhu you look a bit white, jumping up. I was very upset and my physical strength is not in itself very well, and the League cycle is long. So I spent a some time to rest and ease.

Reporter: tell us about your most memorable game this season.

Zhu: most memorable one is winning the Champions League final, and before that was the reverse beat aizhajiebase match.

Remember that game you 0:2, 10:20 big in the third inning and fell behind, but in the end you get a reversal, coach Francesco Guidotti said this is the “baichang” game.

Julia: I thought after leading each other might be a bit loose, and we have been together before the game ends.

Remember: this game can be with you e a watershed confrontation of the season? World Cup before you lose them, but after the game you play e all won. Third-place play-off game next to confrontation, is more confident?

Chu: surely, confidence will be a little, but both teams have known each other their tactics.

Note: training system in Turkey is different than home, has been here for almost a season, what is it?

Chu: harvest is self-discipline. Here is different than domestic, domestic coaches and team control, demands discipline here is quite strong and requires a commitment.

Note: when you first came to Turkey last year English is not very good, but now you coach teammates are now not too much of a problem, how do you in addition to training and competition to improve his English?

Chu: I called the online teaching courses, take the time to learn. Not recently, because behind the game is important to focus on.

Remember: this is your first time playing live in a foreign country, after returning to Turkey, if your friends ask you how, what are you going to respond?

Zhu: (laughing) I’m going to tell them my own experience, this place is pretty good. Istanbul is a very beautiful city, and who is also very good.

Remember: we know the Champions League semi-finals match lang also came to Treviso Guide, and games did she give you any advice and guidance?

Julia: she gave me some advice, said the opponents ‘ play, let us note something to overcome something.

Note: lang said in an interview in Tokyo hope before you can take on more responsibility in the Olympic cycle, played a captain’s role, what do you think of this to look forward to?

Julia: first of all, I will try my best no matter what task team to me, I will try and fight for good. Four years ago when I was a child, is a small player, four years later I was growing up, I had to take on more things.

Note: Finally, your first Turkey abroad season points.

Chu: 50 points. Although champions of high gold content, but I want to win the Turkish League champion.

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