Terri stomacher dress stunning debut Pang Wei: more sexy day home


Gray tube top dress Turi is a stunning red carpet appearances, double Olympic champion hands holding husband of fellow Olympic champion Pang Wei attire boarded the water cube arena. Terri and Pang Wei is China’s first Olympic gold a couple sports. Now Terri has retired, and Pang Wei began preparations for winter training.

Terri stomacher dress became a beautiful landscape of the red carpet, let the host exclaimed “beauty to new heights”. After retirement from Terri said first of all to live a normal life, athletes aspire to that kind of life, but she would not leave the shooting.

Host poking fun at Pang Wei: “Mrs used to dress like this? “Pang Wei answering the same amazing:” every day at home, more sexy. ”

As for the future, just after what had been the Pang Wei said: “I hope we will have many happy years of life, do a better job, enjoy, next training session begins, or you want to go all out to do good business. “(New)

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