Sullivan: playing not for records for the love of the game or to retire


2017 snooker world championship finals ended at this World Championships has been controversial rocket o ‘ Sullivan 10-13 lost to the Chinese player Ding Junhui out of the top four. After the game, he gave spoke highly of China’s Ding, also talked about his future, he made it clear that, even if the World Championships of the game will not retire.

At the beginning of this year’s World Championships, when Sullivan was mired in controversy, after the game won in the first round and Wilson, his public voice, and that the threat of sinuokelaodabaliheen then the latter denied. As a veteran of 41 years old, has been Crucible champion five times, Sullivan was a British fan favorite players, lost to Ding Junhui in the results, although rockets also were disappointed, but he also said he was enjoying the game.

In the Crucible, o ‘ Sullivan ranks behind Davis and Hendry, is the third player won the Championship, and he needed only one more Tournament Champions can be ranked after Hendry, become a Championship second-ranked player. “I think this year is the best year of my life, even if I didn’t win a lot of titles, but so what? I have never been that pursuit of records in which one, I would have been just because I like it. “O ‘ Sullivan said.

In recent years, the number of events from East Asia continues to grow, Sullivan also got more and more opportunities to compete, he said: “in China, many contest will invite me to join, I hope to see more of China’s entry, in fact, I spend time in China than here. ”


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