Sullivan lost still did not forget to play Bao Ding you? I’m sorry


Beijing time on March 29, 2017 on the third day of the World Snooker China open match race. In the second round of the Sullivan 4:5 to Joyce, out of the third round, which also makes his clash against Ding Junhui, tomorrow’s went up in smoke. At a news conference after the game, Sullivan treasure such as gold, when answering a Word when asked why, he resumed his whims, “because I’ve been party to a fine, so I’m going to keep quiet. ”

Because expect Sullivan clash against Ding Junhui, so Sullivan lagging, many reporters standing on Sullivan’s side support him, I hope he can win. However, they ultimately failed to get Sullivan’s victory, he appeared in the final mistake, only reaching out to shake the towel. After the game, Sullivan came to the press conference room, with a smile, seemingly lost in the mood, but, facing reporters ‘ questions, he remained unfailingly style.

“How are you today? ”

“Averge。 (Quite satisfactory. ) “A Word, o ‘ Sullivan in a slow rhythm of account for each syllable.

“Losing the game will stay in Beijing for a few days to Cook? ”

“Meeting. ”

When asked yesterday why the vocal support when Ding Junhui, Sullivan finally unless the “one word answer” rhythm, “I like to Ding Junhui, loved it. Chinese Ding Junhui, England who loves Ding Junhui, we love to Ding Junhui. “With that, he is not said to reporters in Chinese” by acclamation “and then, reporters began to applaud.

“Not and Ding Junhui hit the game, what do you think? ”

“I’m sorry. ”

Then, Sullivan left the briefing room. Watching his back, many journalists have some sadness of love, next time you see o ‘ Sullivan would be when?

(Dong Zhengxiang)

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