Sullivan denied bonuses less intentionally hit 146: want to play black ball does not hit the


Beijing time on April 26, the end of the 2017 World Snooker Championship final 1/4, Ding Junhui beat Sullivan 13-10 to break into the top four. The game, Sullivan in the 20th with a 146 aroused a lot of controversy, so that people would think he was deliberately, and deny it to the rocket.

Sullivan’s 146 was the snooker world championship history on the third shot, he played the score took 6 minutes and 15 seconds, it is said that Sullivan was doing too little as repulsed by 147 points bonus. Because according to international solidarity Union 147 bonus system, this year’s World Championships, the single highest break prize is £ 10,000, making 147 minutes for £ 5000. In other words, Sullivan played 147 minutes, collecting £ 15,000. If 146 minutes, he had much of a chance of winning £ 10,000.

However, for small bonus speculation, Sullivan rejected, he said: “I want to play the black ball, but did not play, I don’t want to take these things too seriously. “He also said,” I’d like to entertain, I want to enjoy my game, in a very stressful environment, I want to make it (the tense environment) more interesting. “In fact, Sullivan really relaxed during the match, from his” hyperbole “smile can be seen.

The Wales open before, o ‘ Sullivan see the full score bonuses low incompatible with 147 worth deliberately abandoned, this matter has become one hot focus, and was criticized by Barry Hearn. When it comes to tonight’s 146 minutes, snooker Supremo Hearn had to say: “it was his personal choice, he can do whatever you like. “(New)

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