Snooker world championship Hawkins released the top four advance to the semifinals


The morning of April 27, Beijing time, 2017 1/4 final of the snooker World Championships final match, Barry Hawkins and Stephen Maguire is 13-9 over two consecutive periods of struggle, fight to key Hawkins won four councils win into the semi-finals, with Higgins for the final seat.

Hawkins and Maguire of second stage game in local time morning expand, Qian a stage horse qui, single rod 81 points win next Council Hou experience has even defeated five Council of bad start to 3-5 behind, second stage began Hou Hawkins a up on played single rod 86 points will score expanded to 6-3, horse qui, thereafter streak three Council and will score Chase flat, course has two rod 50+ of play great came from behind to of potential. 6-6 flat race into battle, Hawkins after two consecutive Council relied on piecemeal attacks to win 8-6 took the lead again, Maguire then recovered a 16th Hawkins to erode again won the second stage score was 9-7.

Afternoon period two people of game into last stage, a up Maguire on played single rod 135 points 0 seal opponents recovered a Council, shortly thereafter and to 65-11 will score pull into 9-9 flat, war to key of 19th Council Hawkins in pressure zhixia played single rod 126 points control live has situation master has active, thereafter Maguire always was suppressed again no achievements, Hawkins and streak three Council and in last a Council played single rod 77 points will score fixed in has 13-9, interval one years Hou again broke into has World Championships four strong, Will meet in the semifinals and four-time world champion Higgins, compete for the final seat. (Drag the shadow)

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