Semifinals of Selby against Ding Junhui, China-killer after the US lifted storm?


Beijing, April 1, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the 2017 World Snooker China open semifinal contest, today’s harm to the most successful snooker two mark (Mark Williams) and two competing after the stars tickets for the finals.

2 o’clock in the afternoon will first opened Shang half district of semi-final, Mark-Williams engaged this game maximum dark horse–Hussein-Wafi, since 1999 China open birth up to now has through has nearly 18 years of history, back past 16 session China game 4 strong list, Asia players only Ding Junhui 1 people into had 4 strong, and this China game, appeared has 2nd bit scored China game of Asia players, however this personal actually is from Iran of Wafi.

Qian half season Wafi in Northern Ireland Cup has show himself of capacity, he made 8 strong of results, this China game, Wafi again further, series eliminated Perry and defending champion Trump among semi-final, special in and xiaote of game in the, Wafi show out has himself attack talent, he has and any one Republika Connaught grams players challenge of capacity, and Mark-Williams in experience has long time of downturn Hou, in China game has has back Yong of performance, this field contest for II people special important, After the break into the top 4 Wafi has just entered the top 64 in the world ranking, but Iranians still in danger of relegation, if they can win this game, Wafi out of relegation danger. Williams, the same desire to win, because at present the left hand rankings dropped to 22nd, in order to get through the world championships qualifying opportunities, he still needs to win two games,

From two people past several round performance view, Wafi in continuous scored performance than Williams, gold left although played some is beautiful of scored, but trapped Yu rough of go bit and energy insufficient, mark rare a rod winning of performances, this may will is Wafi of breakthrough, mark advantage is he of experience than Wafi rich, gold left more knows how better processing complex of situation and control rhythm and mood, while due to Williams career career made enough more of honors, for China game such of scenes, His more relaxed attitude, lack of experiences in Wafi is an advantage.

And in evening, world ranking first Selby will engaged Karen-Wilson, II people past played 5 times, Selby 4 WINS 1 negative occupy absolute advantage, two a people style has similar of of at, play rhythm relative compared partial slow, Defense Foundation deep, but Wilson play than Selby more has aggression sex, and in surrounding ball delicate degrees Shang, world first obviously strong had Wilson. Tournament Wilson has maintained most of the time a far higher success rate, by contrast, Selby far success than Wilson, this is after the player an advantage. But only by this a advantage may not be can in Selby body accounted for to too more cheap, because this China game, world first and once return to himself old road, once feel bad, Leicester clown opened himself magic–mill control strategy, with destructive play and partial slow of out Rod rhythm to suppressed opponents continuous scored and momentum, in tug in the find more opportunities, this sets system against many young after the players often very works.

And Wilson this game although has weave his magic of far Taiwan, but he rough of surrounding ball also is on its continuous scored produced not small of effect, thus continuous scored of performance will decided Wilson can break mill control strategy, but Selby recently said he of sleep bad, physical and mental some tired, Republika Connaught grams of charm sometimes on this, although table Shang than of is technology and psychological, but some when a a players night sleep of quality on will decided last game of trend, because even you has again good of technology and psychological, but if physical and mental tired, Lack of focus, will seriously affect the standard of their play. (Han Yue Tian)

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