Saitelumupu 5-0 Tian Pengfei massacre Higgins into the top 16, China


Beijing time on March 29, 2017 snooker China open into the second round of the competition, Judd-Judd, Sean Murphy, John-Higgins and Mark Williams easily winning their opponent by a large margin to qualify. Player Tian Pengfei of China in the case of 1-3 down in the match against Gould won four to assure turn to advance to top 16.

Ushered in the afternoon sessions of the match defending champion Trump, the opponent is ranked 96th in the world of Scottish players-Eden Sharaf. Match begins at two o’clock in the afternoon, Judd started the first innings 65 minutes to complete over break in play, Sharaf to countertop 30 break in play to warm up after the first game ended. Start to the second phase of the defensive Trump make the snooker, Sharaf solution ball missed opportunities, Trump hand-scored 10 points after poor defending, Sharaf and then into a red ball bad but also the defense, after a period of stalemate Judd through a combination of the ball into the far ball bag lipstick started to 75-1 score 2-0.

Third Council kickoff Hou Sharaf light push far Taiwan end of bags mouth near red ball partial out left has perfect hands opportunities, Trump repeatedly around black ball attack get 40 points stepmother ball and red ball phase posted helpless interrupted, thereafter of saw in the Trump two times scored red ball are didn’t can continued scored, entanglement several round Hou third times associate into far Taiwan red ball started won 29 points completed Super points, score expanded to 3-0. Directorate IV Sharaf tries long offensive mistakes left the red ball bag at the end of offensive opportunities, Trump hand-scored 25 points back just slightly object ball stops at red balls in the bag out of his pocket, Sharaf had 13 points in attacking the black only when simple mistakes returned the ball, Judd 38 minutes to complete over break in hand again, and 4-0 got the match point. Fifth inning duo blunders tug of two people in a 43-43, green into clear color phase Sharaf lost ball has ruined everything, telumupuqing fixed in 5-0 by a 68-43 score, easily advance to the third round.

While for of other several game in the, stable Mr Murphy of opponents is now world ranking 44th bit of Gary-Wilson, Murphy 68-5 win next Council Hou and in second Council played single rod 113 points made 2-0 leading, third Council Wilson with single rod 50 points pulled one back a points, thereafter Murphy streak three Council win Xia has whole field game and last two Council has played single rod 56 points and 54 points, 5-1 promotion third round. Captain against Michael McAlister-Carter-White, Carter’s game didn’t win, Wright played three game victory for the 70+ to 5-3.

Two times World Championships champion Williams this round engaged assassin Michael-Holt, Holt 78-35 win next Council, Williams in second Council played single rod 59 points equalised score, third Council Holt in last of balls stage wins, shortly thereafter Williams in fourth Council played single rod 58 points again equalised score, Council between rest Hou Williams and played single rod 51 points and streak three Council will score lock in has 5-2. Wizards Higgins this round and Mark-Davis met, Higgins first Council played single rod 95 points and win Xia has next of two Council made has 3-0 of leading, Fourth Council Davis in balls stage wins pulled one back a Council, fifth Council Higgins single rod 68 points 0 seal opponents got match point, Davis tenacious of save a match point Hou Higgins in seventh Council again single rod 74 points 0 seal won, to 5-2 made has whole field game victory. Higgins and Williams in the third round put on 75 Jay vs.

China players Tian Pengfei also in afternoon appearances, opponents is now world ranking 20th bit of eyes man Martin-Gould, Qian two Council Gould feel hot, series played single rod 114 points and 52 points made has 2-0 leading, third Council Tian Pengfei last black ball ahead score to 67-62 pulled one back a Council, Fourth Council Gould single rod 84 points 0 seal opponents will score expanded to 3-1, Council between rest Hou game appeared has transition, Gould in fifth Council is played single rod 52 points, Tian Pengfei also played 56 minutes and narrowed the score to 63-53 to 2-3, after that scene into a stalemate, Tian Pengfei won three in the tug 5-3 to achieve the reverse, promoted to the top 16. (Drag the shadow)

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