Rocket Ding Ding could not accidents three times you win points


Stringers fuping reports

Sullivan lost, lost 4:5 to Joyce, out of the third round of China open, outside of heart and mind “Ding Junhui vs Sullivan” finally crumbled. The Decider, Sullivan feels nothing, or are lost due to black ball point or scored coffee was on the ball and accidentally made himself the snooker, and the ball, and finally throw in the towel …

Five years later the rocket once again at the China open, is still a “go to effortless”, an early end, a hasty, but who also can’t do him.

Already accustomed to seeing too much spectacle, had experienced too much more tense and exciting than this situation, a defeat, now Sullivan is nothing. And also hear him long complex set in the gains and losses. On his appointment and Ding Junhui of the game, he is only a “sorry” to reply.

Without o ‘ Sullivan, pillar for event ticket sales began to lean, at Sullivan iron powder on their faces and hearts full of disappointment. However, think about it, at least this year he came, the past five years, it’s not “read fantasy”?

Sullivan lost, Ding Junhui was still there. Storm is about 30 years old, he has not been outside interference, beat teenager Zhou Yue long 5:0 in the second round to qualify for the top 16.

Returned to Beijing this time, as the two-time champion Ding Junhui from the outset “fed”. His dissatisfaction with the practices of the Taiwan Solidarity Union in the world, he was speechless, because they have been reported as early as last year replaced about sponsors, but now lead sponsor backlash.

Many people think that the external factors that can affect the State of Ding Junhui, he was calm on the field showed their inner strength and prove its good status. Now Ding Junhui, really grown up. Was no longer very susceptible to mood disturbances affect the play of Ding.

The next round, Ding Junhui will face defeat Sullivan Joyce, on April 1, he will receive his 30 birthday, officially entered what had been the. In China, his paradise, Ding Ding won the title three times, whether to celebrate their birthdays, became the tournament’s biggest attraction. After all, not Sullivan, Ding has become the largest sign.

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