Rio won three retired hero out of the women’s volleyball training if it is not still have the opportunity to


Pipe Center has released a new list of the training of Chinese women’s volleyball team, in this list, no Olympic hero Hui Ruoqi, Wei qiuyue, Yan Ni’s name. Wei qiuyue and Yan Ni nearly 30 years, facing retirement, not to the list expected. Hui Ruoqi was due to a physical condition do not enter the training camp list, but still have the possibility of returning in the future.

Wei qiuyue ever since 2007, national team, apart from the 2013 outside did not enter the national team, served nine years in the national team. For nine years, she won a gold medal, one Olympic bronze, a World Cup champion and a World Championship runner-up, a World Cup third place, as well as a gold medal of the Asian Games, Asian Championship and the finals of Asian Cup champion and twice a runner-up, has proved brilliant. Her athletic career in the Olympics said she is perfect.

Wei qiuyue is 29 years old this year, she will be married this year after the National Games, which also means she will end her career. Wei qiuyue participated in three Olympic Games, in the history of Chinese women’s volleyball team was extraordinary. She has a serious knee injury, playing the game in recent years is relatively small, Lang Dao has been protecting her, trying his best to the Rio Olympics. She has achieved her dream, injuries, age does not currently allow her to hold on. Choose to retire at this time is the best time.

Late bloomer Yan Ni, at the end of his career got the Olympic gold medals and World Cup titles, is already a miracle. She is 30 years old this year, also reached the age of players to retire. She has not made it clear that when he retired, it will not be easy to assert that she will retire after the National Games this year. Chinese women’s volleyball team has no world series this year, move into a group of young middle blocker culture, but a young player is not ideal, also recalled Yan Ni the possibility of playing the World Championships next year.

Hui Ruoqi, 26 years old, is still very young. But she has heart problems before the 2015 World Cup, failed to attend the World Cup. After surgery, but relapse after a few months, had to make a second operation. In this case, she was able to overcome the physical and psychological burden in the Olympics and won a gold medal, has worked wonders. At the just concluded League, head coach CAI bin, Jiangsu has been protecting her, basically in a State of truce during the regular season, all the way to the semifinals and finals as a team.

Her heart problem coach fear, Lang ping at the same games that have been controlling Hui Ruoqi exercise. Is competition a bye this year year, no world series, coach not to move her up in the national team is to protect her. Hui Ruoqi had never been publicly when retired, are also difficult to assert that she will return to the national team in the future. In 2013, when Lang ping Wei qiuyue was not called into the national team, but after the defeat in the Asian Championships, in the next year to move back to the Wei qiuyue. Hui Ruoqi copy Wei qiuyue four years ago will “counter attack” it is hard to say.

Hui Ruoqi required on next year if the Chinese women’s volleyball team in the main line, and her physical condition allows, there is possibility of regression. But for now, Chinese women’s volleyball team may consist of Ting Zhu, Zhang Changning as major major, Hui Ruoqi even back bench is more likely.

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