Qin Kai said marriage is a priority: to get married again the National Games


The Guangzhou daily news (reporter Zhou Wanqi) yesterday, the Rio Olympic diving team, China is the most beautiful CP–Qin Kai He Zi airborne Guangzhou changlong water amusement park, the two men said in an interview with plans to get married again the National Games, two people appears to have been a good thing, people waiting to eat candy!

National Games held in August this year, Qin Kai Ho attitude expressed whether the entry depends on the physical condition, in fact two issues did not want to retire, most frequently because now is when to get married. He Zi coy says, “is, of course, the wedding plans, but asking him”; and Qin Kai said that the plan was “to get married again the National Games.” Currently two people yet, but said it will tell everyone when they register.

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