PyeongChang Winter Olympics figure skating women’s singles players only Russia and the United States, China and achieve fulfilment


Beijing time on April 1, 2017 end singles all competing for the World Figure Skating Championships, after the free skating competition, Russian beauty meideweijiewa 233.41 points score of strong defending, Osmond and Canadian players Daleman runner-up and second runner-up respectively, Chinese athletes ‘ 14th, Li Zijun finished 21st.

The World Championship will be decided next year Winter Olympics in PyeongChang national quotas. Under the rules, an individual, a country/region with two or three players, two total ranking of the best players and not more than 13, will get the three Winter Olympics tickets.

In the women’s singles, Russia, Canada and the United States are the three players, Russia’s best two players ranked first and eighth, respectively, Canada were second and third, the United States was fourth and seventh, and added and no more than 13, so all three get the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games women’s singles in three places.

In addition, Japan Women’s singles three entries, two results ranking the best players are the fifth and x, is greater than 13, but less than 28, and win two tickets to the Olympics. In addition, a country/region one of the contestants, contestants in the top ten, you can get two Winter Olympics tickets, Costner sixth in Italy, tusinibayewa in Kazakhstan Nineth, Cui Duobin tenth of South Korea, who won two Olympic tickets in their respective countries.

In addition, China, Belgium, Slovakia, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia to get an Olympic ticket. Through tournament remaining countries will compete for the last six winter Olympics in PyeongChang, tickets for the women’s singles. (Henri Michaux)

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