Preparing for the world table tennis championships ping regarded as women’s team only two days off a month


From April 15 starting, to May 15 returned Beijing, China table tennis female team will in Hubei Yellowstone spent 31 days of closed training, due to in previously end of Asia Kam game Shang was Japan 17 age players Hirano beauty Yu “Rob” go has singles champion, so female team in world table tennis championships Qian of this training exception harsh, one months of time in only two days of rest time, but even so, training during country Ping also not forget “three create”.

On the Asian Championship two weeks ago, Hirano Mei Yu Man g Ding Ning, Zhu Yuling, Chen Mengjia three key players of the Chinese team, China’s home stood on the top, and to take in the three years after the Tokyo Olympics women’s singles and two Olympic gold medals. If the Tokyo Olympics so far it is not urgent, then a month later the world table tennis championships in Dusseldorf is imminent, whether head coach Liu guoliang was women’s team coach Kong Linghui, were said to prove at the world table tennis championships ping women’s strength.

Therefore, the closed training prepares for the world table tennis championships in Dusseldorf, has turned into a “Devil training”. Women’s teams on the schedule you can see, the Yellowstone’s training, teams practice two or three practices a day, two practice time is up at 7:30 A.M., 3.5 hours of training, training for three hours in the afternoon, also had an hour studying in the evening, lights out to sleep until 10:30. And day three practice is in the morning, afternoon and night altogether for seven hours of training.

Not only so, in all 31 days of training in the, only April 28 and May 8 players are can get two days of rest time, so-called of Saturday and Sunday are is to in training in the spent, certainly, also not just training, May 1, team to for one on public free open of team within match, May 13 and 14th also will for world table tennis championships of warm-up, day is is adapted warm-up site of training. This arrangement enough to see women’s team for the world table tennis championship attitude and determination to save face.

As in the past, closed training course in “closed” two characters, in addition to getting answers reporters went outside, we rarely know training arrangements. But this is different, training at the beginning, Liu guoliang just posted on Twitter the team training, training in micro-blogging team of coaches from time to upload photos and videos, it was not afraid of the opponent to observe research?

But Guo Ping Guo ping does not ever, hit three during every aspect this team more and more transparent and close to the people and even confronted women’s team in the World Championships closed training session, except for men’s team will schedule the schedule for each day of training for everyone, will also conduct a series of public events on the ground. Accomplishments and promoting women’s team’s closed training session was two hands are caught, both hands up. (Sports + reporter Li Ting reports)

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