Badminton coach core level determines: Xia Xuanze, Zhang’s doubles coach


Li yongbo the Chinese Badminton Association official website the outgoing coach, to enter the Chinese Olympic Committee, after the Committee of experts, on the coach of the national badminton team adjustment has been cause for concern. Recently, the Director of Ping Yu Center officially announced, through the China Badminton Association coaches Committee recommended, after investigation, by Xia Xuanze, Zhang worked as national badminton singles groups and doubles Group Manager, Wang Wei served as the second head coach. On the coach of the national badminton team core level OK.

According to the Director of Ping Yu Center, main coach of the national badminton team and the current system be adjusted, in order to implement the reform of the State General Administration of sport on the strengthening of the Tokyo Olympic Games preparations measures and requirements, and ensure the completion of the Tokyo Olympic Games tasks.

There are several changes in the adjustment. First, shortened front, concentrated preparing for, established sound team within competition mechanism, badminton team established national a team, concentrated energy preparing for Tokyo games; second, will currently national II team and national youth team merged, became national II team, full selection training young players, both for national a team training conveying top players, promote a team formed competition, while for 2024 games training reserves talent; third, from currently national badminton team coaches actual and bear Tokyo games task need starting, No longer established head coach and the national team under head coach position, setting up group singles and group doubles head coach position, former Deputy coach Tian bingyi, Zhong Bo as a consultant. Finally, after the new coach of the national badminton team, closely to finish the preparations of the Olympic Games of Tokyo setting, strengthening team building, team education and consolidation, improve team rules and regulations, preparation of the preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games working actively to implement the programmes, advocacy, and ensure the team a new look and mental state to do the Tokyo Olympic Games preparations.



Xia Xuanze, and Zhang as national badminton team singles group and doubles group coach, Wang Wei served as II team coach, a is they Prime, has is strong of dedication, willing to for national badminton team of development pour full; II is they are had is world top players, retired Hou and has been served as team coach, especially respectively in men’s singles coach and men’s doubles coach post work has two a Olympic cycle, on team of players status, and team of main opponents status and World Badminton movement of development trend familiar understand, Leading national badminton team to complete the Tokyo Olympic cycle task conditions and capacity.

Xia Xuanze, 39, former national badminton team in men’s singles first, won the 2003 World Championships, the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games men’s singles bronze medal. After retiring, he left coaching. London cycle, he was the men’s singles coach of the national badminton team, trained a group of players at the London Olympic Games and the Olympic Games in Rio is the men’s singles title.

Zhang, 40, was a good national badminton men’s doubles and mixed doubles player, won the mixed doubles world champion multiple times, and even at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and 2004 Athens Games claimed the mixed doubles title. After his retirement, Zhang to stay in coaching, has been responsible for doubles training. London cycle begins as the national badminton team, a team of men’s doubles coach, cultivate a large number of top players, in London and Rio Olympic Games were harvested on a mixed doubles gold medal, the two men’s doubles gold medal.

Wang Wei, 38, a former national badminton team good doubles player, made good results in many international competitions. London Olympic cycle, entered the national badminton team coach, has served as the men’s doubles coach, Zhang’s Assistant, for men’s doubles won two Olympic champions made a great contribution. (End)

Sullivan: playing not for records for the love of the game or to retire


2017 snooker world championship finals ended at this World Championships has been controversial rocket o ‘ Sullivan 10-13 lost to the Chinese player Ding Junhui out of the top four. After the game, he gave spoke highly of China’s Ding, also talked about his future, he made it clear that, even if the World Championships of the game will not retire.

At the beginning of this year’s World Championships, when Sullivan was mired in controversy, after the game won in the first round and Wilson, his public voice, and that the threat of sinuokelaodabaliheen then the latter denied. As a veteran of 41 years old, has been Crucible champion five times, Sullivan was a British fan favorite players, lost to Ding Junhui in the results, although rockets also were disappointed, but he also said he was enjoying the game.

In the Crucible, o ‘ Sullivan ranks behind Davis and Hendry, is the third player won the Championship, and he needed only one more Tournament Champions can be ranked after Hendry, become a Championship second-ranked player. “I think this year is the best year of my life, even if I didn’t win a lot of titles, but so what? I have never been that pursuit of records in which one, I would have been just because I like it. “O ‘ Sullivan said.

In recent years, the number of events from East Asia continues to grow, Sullivan also got more and more opportunities to compete, he said: “in China, many contest will invite me to join, I hope to see more of China’s entry, in fact, I spend time in China than here. ”


Preparing for the world table tennis championships ping regarded as women’s team only two days off a month


From April 15 starting, to May 15 returned Beijing, China table tennis female team will in Hubei Yellowstone spent 31 days of closed training, due to in previously end of Asia Kam game Shang was Japan 17 age players Hirano beauty Yu “Rob” go has singles champion, so female team in world table tennis championships Qian of this training exception harsh, one months of time in only two days of rest time, but even so, training during country Ping also not forget “three create”.

On the Asian Championship two weeks ago, Hirano Mei Yu Man g Ding Ning, Zhu Yuling, Chen Mengjia three key players of the Chinese team, China’s home stood on the top, and to take in the three years after the Tokyo Olympics women’s singles and two Olympic gold medals. If the Tokyo Olympics so far it is not urgent, then a month later the world table tennis championships in Dusseldorf is imminent, whether head coach Liu guoliang was women’s team coach Kong Linghui, were said to prove at the world table tennis championships ping women’s strength.

Therefore, the closed training prepares for the world table tennis championships in Dusseldorf, has turned into a “Devil training”. Women’s teams on the schedule you can see, the Yellowstone’s training, teams practice two or three practices a day, two practice time is up at 7:30 A.M., 3.5 hours of training, training for three hours in the afternoon, also had an hour studying in the evening, lights out to sleep until 10:30. And day three practice is in the morning, afternoon and night altogether for seven hours of training.

Not only so, in all 31 days of training in the, only April 28 and May 8 players are can get two days of rest time, so-called of Saturday and Sunday are is to in training in the spent, certainly, also not just training, May 1, team to for one on public free open of team within match, May 13 and 14th also will for world table tennis championships of warm-up, day is is adapted warm-up site of training. This arrangement enough to see women’s team for the world table tennis championship attitude and determination to save face.

As in the past, closed training course in “closed” two characters, in addition to getting answers reporters went outside, we rarely know training arrangements. But this is different, training at the beginning, Liu guoliang just posted on Twitter the team training, training in micro-blogging team of coaches from time to upload photos and videos, it was not afraid of the opponent to observe research?

But Guo Ping Guo ping does not ever, hit three during every aspect this team more and more transparent and close to the people and even confronted women’s team in the World Championships closed training session, except for men’s team will schedule the schedule for each day of training for everyone, will also conduct a series of public events on the ground. Accomplishments and promoting women’s team’s closed training session was two hands are caught, both hands up. (Sports + reporter Li Ting reports)

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Ning Zetao exposure will switch back to Henan national games are still doubtful


Out of swimming for nearly 9 months, Ning Zetao career without a clear profile. In recent State General Administration of sport official website published on the issuance of 2017-doping register check and examine the notice in the library list, world champion Ning Zetao’s name appears in the swimming events, Henan team player in a bar. So, does this mean that Ning Zetao have turned back local team? His participation in the National Games to revive? Since last year the Rio Olympics failure and subsequent departure from the national team after a series of crisis, Ning Zetao disappeared from public view, how he’s doing interesting. To this end, the reporter interviewed one person yesterday.

Where: cause for concern

After the incident caused quite a stir last November documentaries, the film Director Liang Mai said in an interview with the Beijing Youth daily, Ning Zetao is the Navy within Hainan jobs in a series of formalities. Liang Mai said he Ning Zetao on behalf of Henan in the 2017 games is likely, “he wants to prove himself again. “Ning Zetao is doing.

In February this year, the Dahe daily wrote in a post, Ning Zetao return to Henan team is not difficult, it’s only a matter of time.

“From a national perspective, and local army athlete probably has hundreds of double points, what’s wrong with these players belong in the games during the count? There is a saying that. “A staff member at the Chinese Swimming Association said at the time. In Zhengzhou with their parents during the Chinese new year, Ning Zetao also adhere to go swimming every day training. But involves the question of whether he can represent the Henan in the National Games, trouble is still not small.

But what is puzzling is, in the media coverage that followed, Ning Zetao appears once again in the Navy’s swimming team.

On March 24, the media says Ning Zetao will return to the national team, then the news was denied by swimming centre and Henan Sports Council.

Subsequently, it was revealed in Dahe daily, at the time of confirmation about the return to the national team Ning Zetao, relevant departments responded “no Ning Zetao heard of new trends, is still in the Navy swim team training”.

The afternoon of March 25, surging Navy swim team official told journalists, “Ning Zetao swim team has returned to the Navy, but did not return to training. “For other relevant circumstances, the official no longer reply.

At present, his name appeared in Henan team again attracted the world’s curiosity, Ning Zetao, whether to participate in the National Games, may soon be seen.

Status: workers return to Henan

On the official website of the General notification list is doping in athletes and the sports authority to fill athletes ‘ whereabouts information according to the following provisions. In other words, the name appears in the list, is vested in the local team’s players. As we all know, Ning Zetao Navy swim team in the past, but at the latest in 2017 of the library, he belongs to Henan.

Last September, leave Ning Zetao submitted job application to the naval forces of the national team. Since then, Ning Zetao will continue swimming career, where he will be trained and the future game raises concerns.

As 24 of the world’s top short-distance freestyle player, Ning Zetao should have good development prospects, concerned about his people didn’t want him to end one’s career.

Official documents revealed at least one of the General Administration of sport information: Ning Zetao didn’t give up swimming, Henan, and will represent the home team playing.

According to insider introduces, Ning Zetao transfer formalities is not initially successful, while the Navy intends to keep hold of him. Because the procedure is not successful, Ning Zetao missed after the Spring Festival this year with the Henan team training opportunities.

The information in the notice of the General Administration of sport official revealed, the Insider introduces, Ning Zetao transfer procedures should be completed in the near future, will officially return to Henan team.

Status: stomach impact training

In the middle of this month, the national Swimming Championships in Qingdao, Ning Zetao did not show up.

Ning Zetao missed Championship, the insider said they were not surprised. “He was in Shanghai in March, he was hospitalized for a thorough medical examination, found out the stomach. He is recuperating at his home in Henan recently, with my parents, and occasionally go to the swimming team of Henan to do training, but not on the scale of the professional training. ”

Qualifier for the national championships this year, Tianjin National Games, if you want to participate in the National Games, Ning Zetao, another chance is in June of this year’s National Games preliminary round to compete for promotions. Insider describes, at the beginning of this year when communicating with Ning Zetao, which play games did not give a clear answer.

“If the April race he did not attend, and that his only chance was the June race. “Swimming sports administrative center said Yang Qingshan, Henan province.

“His form is good, is more positive, if distractions to practical training, with his technical knowledge, to the good results achieved during the National Games is not impossible, but only if he has to get real, set strict demands on themselves, not at all tricky. ”

Even if I can’t participate in the National Games, insiders believe that Ning Zetao also has the potential to bounce back in the future. After all, in the 100, Ning Zetao remains the leading domestic level. The Rio Olympics, is not in the best state of Ning Zetao swam out of the 48 37 seconds and at the championships this year, Sun guest this project scored 49 seconds and win the 27. From: Beijing morning post, surging news

An Qiaosi: I felt like home to Singapore


UFC in China over former UFC Lightweight champion Rafael Gómez-An Qiaosi (Rafael dos Anjos) will be held in Singapore on June 17, Beijing time the UFC Fight Night non-diyin 111 against Turek-sub (Tarec Saffiedine). But you might not know, for the Brazilian people, Singapore is not a strange place.

“In 2008 I travelled to Singapore for training, I went here at least 10 times. My Evolve boxing Museum here has 3 branches, and there is a solid foundation of fans. After I had my first UFC victory, I had training in Singapore for more than a month’s time, but in 2010, I and my family lived there for 3 months. Also preparing for my last race with almost half of that time in Singapore, so it’s like home to me. ”

It is easy to see, for An Qiaosi, sub non-di is tantamount to acting in Singapore in native Brazil or training game in Southern California, and he is very excited for the event, which apart from the relationship, also means a new start of his career because his welterweight debut.

“I feel this game is like a new beginning. I successfully completed their journey in 155 pounds, and became champion, now is the time to start trying new challenges. I decided to up to Middleweight, which has a lot of good for my health, I would not be affected because the weight loss thing again, I’m very excited about this. ”

Over the years, An Qiaosi lightweight is a big player in the 155 pound weight control is the ultimate challenge to him. In July last year was Eddie aerwaruizi (Eddie Alvarez) first round KO lost the lightweight title was also poor state due to excess weight before the game.

“A few months before the game, now I no longer need to carry physical and psychological pressure to lose weight. Up and another advantage is that I can put more training, and even though I was not a big player, but my combating forces will be strengthened, more natural because under the weight of my body, I will do three or five rounds of world war preparation. ”

Despite the distance challenge welterweight title still has a long way to go, but before An Qiaosi said success in lightweight giving you a big star. Although already 32 years old, but Brazilians believed their golden age is yet to come.

“Lightweight is one of the most competitive level, there are a lot of good players here, and I have always been one of the top players here, and also won the Championship. I’m very healthy and very strong, I believe that previous experience will cause I was 170 pounds to succeed again. ”

“At least I can play again under the current state of the top 5, I think that even at 37 years of age, you are still able to maintain a very good state. I was very careful to take care of your body, I rarely even injuries. There are a lot of challenges in front of me, I know I will again be a UFC champion. “(UFC tough, China)

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27th to watch for: Ding Junhui, mark the world’s first non-invincible


UK local time on April 27, entered the 13th day 2017 of the snooker world championship at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield started the semi-final stage of the competition. Phasing out “rocket” O ‘ Sullivan after Ding Junhui will face another big BOSS, is now ranked first in the World Championship defending champion Selby, in the face of big hot Leicester jester, Ding needs to work harder; another game “witch” Higgins and Hawkins assassination.

April 27, at 20 o’clock Ding Junhui VS Selby (semifinal stage 8)

1/4-finals Ding Junhui beat five-time world champion 13-10 o ‘ Sullivan, made out on a career of victory, also made rockets at the Crucible Theatre lost in the third round for the second time in three years, two hug scene is impressive after the game. Throughout the “Ding” in praise, including British media this is a high quality game. But for a career third, and Ding Junhui who burst into the World Championship semi-finals for the second year in a row not to celebrate when, because the start of the semi-final is going to be a tough battle, but also a war of revenge, because hui’s opponent is defending champion Selby.

As the world’s first, strong performance this season of Selby, in the performance of this year’s World Championships in the same laudable, according to participate in the contest, hoped he would gradually adjust it out. Especially in the 1/4 final Marco Fu, Selby is a bloodless sweep 13-3 extremely strong fifth World Championships four times, and even he says that game played a near-perfect, Selby both said they have had in the semi-final and final fight preparations.

This semi-final will be the 26th battle of Selby and Ding Junhui career after Leicester clown with 13 WINS and 1 draw 11 held a slight edge, in the World Championships 2 confrontation both sides win. 1/4 2011 World Championship finals, Ding was 13-10 out of Selby, the jester from Leicester’s season is also good, but here at the Crucible Theatre could not cross the small bright one. But the previous World Championships two of them meet again in the finals, with the result that Selby won for the second time in three years, also shattered Ding Junhui’s World Championship dream.

Selby now is very good, but not unbeatable, for Ding Junhui still need to find feel like against Sullivan as soon as possible, the first stage of the fight for superiority start, not only to lay the Foundation for the game after also put some pressure on the opponent. According to past experience, the recent three World Championships semi-final ahead in the top 8 players ultimately won, behind in the first stage comeback Hawkins, recently again in 2013, when he is lagging in the first eight innings 2-6, ultimate 17-14 beat Leach-Walton.

Although difficult to play the game, but Ding is very confident, especially firmly believe that if you do yourself, play a level, you have a chance to win, “I don’t think Selby in the bag, he is the world champion, is the world’s first, very skilled on the tactics used, with subtle changes in the backward situation. This season at the Shanghai masters and international championships have been played, the win, semi-final is very important for all of us a heavyweight match. ”

April 28, at 2 o’clock in the morning Higgins VS Hawkins (semifinal stage 8)

This is also a former world champion and looking forward to this historic breakthrough in the dialogue between the players. Previously at the Crucible Theatre four times to win the “witch” Higgins, in the finals was beat Karen 13-6-1/4 Wilson, Hawkins is the 13-9 out of Maguire broke into the World Championship semifinals for the fourth time in five years. After two confrontations 14 times, record each win 7 games, but in the 2010 FIBA World Championship ended each duel won by Higgins and Higgins wins the 2011 Player Tour Championship before. Hawkins, of course in recent years to improve strength and won the last 3 on both sides, only three games are short. (Amber)

Zhang faces a challenge less than Xia Xuanze activate ACE is top priority


Chinese badminton team announced a new coaching staff, Xia Xuanze, Zhang June group singles and group doubles coach, respectively. Zhang was a two-time mixed doubles Olympic champion, and later served as men’s doubles coach, Zhang Nan/Fu Haifeng and CAI Yun/Fu Haifeng, respectively won the London Olympic Games and the Rio Olympics champion. Current feather three doubles are good couple, if Zhang can focus on training, these people want to provoke girders, continuation of badminton doubles glory.

Zhang is a good mixed doubles and men’s doubles player, at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and higher before the cooperation, continuously conquer the world famous Martin lundgaard/Tri kusharyanto/minarti Timur and Olson, won the mixed doubles gold medal. Four years later they defeated England in the Robertson/Ames, the defending mixed doubles champions.

In addition, he is the Chinese team won in 1999, 2001 and 2005 sudirman Cup made a difference, especially in the 1999 sudirman Cup semifinals and finals, he teamed up with Yu Jinhao, respectively against the Danish name is Sven-Goran Eriksson/Larson, South Korea name is Liu Yong/Lee Dong-soo, for the Chinese team to get two key victories. In 2001, the Soviet Cup semi-finals, he teamed up with Zhang Wei, defeated Danish men’s doubles player Sven-Goran Eriksson/Larson, made a contribution for the Chinese team to win again. In addition, Zhang and high, before the cooperation, at the 2001 World Championships victory over South Korean star Kim Dong-moon/RA Kyung-min, won the mixed doubles title. Two people also has three times won the all-England mixed doubles title, can be called a mixed doubles Grand Slam Winner.

2007 Zhang retired as badminton doubles assistant coach from 2008 men’s doubles coach. Zhang Nan/Fu Haifeng and CAI Yun/Fu Haifeng, respectively won the London Olympic Games and the Rio Olympics doubles champion, CAI Yun/Fu Haifeng won the 2009, 2010 and 2011 World Championships as well as the 2013 World Championships in third. In addition Liu Xiaolong/Qiu Zihan was awarded the 2015 World Championships runner-up, by 13 to get the key points of the Chinese team in the sudirman Cup finals. Men’s doubles Chai Biao/Hong Wei won the Rio Olympic Games fourth place. Men’s doubles badminton five projects one of the most competitive, can this achievement is not easy.

Nearly a year ago, rookie Li Junhui/Liu yuchen got a super champion, three Super tournament runner-up, climbed to second place in the world ranking, significant progress. Zhang Nan/Liu Cheng, Chai Biao/Hong Wei, who is also quite competitive. Also thinking, Cheng Huang Kaixiang, Wang Yilv, Lu Kai, who is also quite good, male successors, still can compete for a World Series champion.

As a doubles team after head coach, Zhang is also responsible for the women’s doubles, mixed doubles. Women’s doubles while the combination of the lack of absolute power, but Chen/Jia Yifan in the morning, Li Yinhui/Huang Dongping, Bao Yixin/Yu Xiaohan, and Huang Yaqiong/Tang Jinhua, Locke/Luo Yu won five combination has a considerable competitive edge, as long as the training activities, women’s doubles, China can still regain the advantage. Mixed double Zheng thinking/Chen Qingchen, Lu Kai/Huang Yaqiong performance is more stable, won four Super champion this year, won twice runners-up, currently occupy the top two places. Zhang Nan/Li Yinhui is strong, mixed doubles State feather five projects are the best of the situation.

Smaller challenge than of General Zhang Xia Xuanze, doubles as long as catch well, can dominate again. Mixed doubles is now already occupy the upper hand in the new cycle. Men’s doubles is always the strongest melee, no combination has absolute power, Li Junhui/Liu yuchen, rookie tactics further, can be in the World Series Championship.

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Qin Kai said marriage is a priority: to get married again the National Games


The Guangzhou daily news (reporter Zhou Wanqi) yesterday, the Rio Olympic diving team, China is the most beautiful CP–Qin Kai He Zi airborne Guangzhou changlong water amusement park, the two men said in an interview with plans to get married again the National Games, two people appears to have been a good thing, people waiting to eat candy!

National Games held in August this year, Qin Kai Ho attitude expressed whether the entry depends on the physical condition, in fact two issues did not want to retire, most frequently because now is when to get married. He Zi coy says, “is, of course, the wedding plans, but asking him”; and Qin Kai said that the plan was “to get married again the National Games.” Currently two people yet, but said it will tell everyone when they register.

Add Kickboxing tournament to be held in China masters challenge


CNS,, April 26 (reporter Yu Ruidong)-2017 “martial arts style” added in the first Kickboxing tournament to be held on May 16 in the city of Mississauga in the greater Toronto area, Canada debut. Local time on April 26, several fighter for Canada against competition in the media in front of the camera shirtless, open frame, to challenge China’s fighter.

The event by the Canadian new media group, China Henan television, and Canadian Council of Kickboxing sport cooperation. New media group, said the event named “East versus West zhanlong summary”. By then, 10 Chinese martial arts expert will travel to Toronto, the name da Lei and 10 Canadian combat against competing for 10 trophies.

It was also “martial arts style” that mainland China well-known martial arts programs and arena fighting games for the first time in Canada “start”. This reporter has learned, to come to Canada “playing Hall” Chinese boxers, including Yang Zhuo, Liu Qiliang strong.

Canada free fight movement Council aspects introduced, due to “martial arts wind” rules Xia of events is first into Canada, free fight game of related regulatory institutions in approval Shi is carefully, on each link for has carefully of research and argument, and watch has “martial arts wind” game of large video, eventually finds “martial arts wind” rules does meet guarantee entries who security of added party related requirements, to achievements this a events in Canada of first debut.

Marco Fu is served by Selby: no chance he will win a third Crown


Mark Selby in the world with a hearty 13-3 eliminated player Marco Fu, Hong Kong, China. Hot hot he dominated in his semi-final 4 contestants. In addition, the 1/4 final victory also meant that the season he accumulated bonuses of over £ 600,000, and now he is moving to break Stephen Hendry’s single-season record cumulative bonus of £ 740,000 target.

After the first stage of a 6-2 lead, Selby did not leave any chance to Marco Fu, the second stage play 7-1 directly out of the opponent, also eliminates the third phase of the contest. In the game, he played 143 break in a high score (though his highest score was Sullivan Rod about 4 hours for just a single pole 146 beyond).

In the post-match interview, Selby said of his status and prospect about semifinal opponent–at the time, he still doesn’t know who his next opponent is.

“From the beginning to the end, I only have 1 or 2 of the hit the ball did not hit. In addition, I think it is more or less a perfect game. “11 tournament winner says,” if I keep playing like this, I think I have a chance to win the title. But in the next 4 games or maybe even more game, continued to remain in the same State is very difficult, but I know that difficulties exist, so attitudes. ”

Selby said, “I try to hit harder, because in the World Championships, it was a long race, so if you can finish one phase to get some extra rest, it will be very good. ”

143 in talking about defending champion said: “I think that 143 is a great one, because I never thought about location, I just keep innocently shot from any location. When I got 80 points, I think it can be clear, and I continued playing into the black and red balls, when they finally hit the black ball, I thought it was my game’s most tense moment, because if I didn’t enter, highest points in 136 minutes can’t be, but 143 is an opportunity. ”

In predicting the opponent, world first said: “Ding Junhui seems again very well, Ronnie no matter what kind of mood are very dangerous. He has the ability to win tonight, he could easily qualify, will not miss the 4 leading opportunities. ”

After the defeat, Fu said, Selby is now invincible, he would later win his 3rd World Championship trophies.

Marco Fu admitted: “it’s very difficult, mark are at their best with him against a very difficult, and sometimes even have no chance to get started. Safety ball, long, high break in play, everything is first class, he now became the biggest favourites in subsequent games. ”

“Like me, many players will be sitting in a Chair watching his opponent play one shot after another. Ronnie and I played, and Stephen Hendry, John Higgins, so this is not new for me. In addition to admire, you really don’t have anything else to do, he’s playing very well, he showed ability, his ball’s quality is sometimes amazing. Sometimes you just need to praise him and congratulate him. ”