Oral beauty farewell Sun shark tooth grin had been friends taunt


When it comes to Sun, once the pain point, tooth is an absolute. Every time a big poplar game time to celebrate, it’s easy to cover the jagged teeth, which he was ridiculed by the foreign friends, which made him feel very distressed. But now, these have become the past, Sun now beauty through the mouth also has a neat white teeth.

As a public figure, and attaches great importance to personal image Sun orthodontics early ideas, but never took time to prepare for Olympics training tension. Sun after the Rio Olympics finally arrived at a dental hospital dental orthopedic oral beauty. Photo shows the Sun and my dental doctor photographs.

Sun Yangzheng accept teeth orthotic.

Before the correction, Sun’s teeth are so.. …

Sun, a “shark tooth”, hence the name

Invisible orthodontic braces with for some time, Sun teeth have “modified inclined rectified.”

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