Olympic champion how to develop business value? There should be appropriate “self management”


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What’s most popular at present? The entertainment industry. Lady stars TV series have been by a single set of fees, often play down, earnings millions is no surprise.

Once an Olympic champion was indignant about this, “Olympic champion, too handsome, there sings well. Singer, actor when the Olympic Championship? “Behind the words, is the Olympic champion of social value and business value hard to truly discover and development reality.

Olympic champion was dissatisfied with it seems there must be a reason. Put behind them the hardships of ordinary people can not imagine. Long youth day sweat, endure the torment of pain persist, layer in the upper master around the Olympics break. Behind the gold medal, is a manifestation of the spirit, is a personal illustration of superior athletic ability.

Look, enjoy entertainment Star “same treatment” stars rare. Zhang jike is one of them, full of socialization and entertainment operations, let the Grand Slam champion swimming freely in the entertainment. Ding 8 million fans have proved that he has influence unmatched by other Olympic champions. So after an immeasurable influence, Zhang jike Studio applications last year, and specifically to take care of these not-so-good for him, let him not to delay training. So in the past, a virtuous circle.

Other than Zhang jike, other Olympic champions? Such as the Chinese women’s volleyball team of the Rio Championship girls, such as “beautiful girl” Fu Yuanhui. However, they reflect the social and commercial value, they may not be with their pay or their personality to match. People are always busy in the Fu Yuanhui expression package, always talking about what got her funny jokes, but the development of commercial value, is restricted by various reasons, not all the way flat.

Sometimes, Olympic champion will also be confused, “why do I get a gold medal, is not red? “They are red, but also” confused “. Yes, self-promotion is not their strength, after all, also needs to extend career-their mission is to train and race. This is the root of all this, not upside down.

Li Na 2011 when I got my first Grand Slam, did not stop in its tracks, but for coaches, changing technology, finally conquered in Melbourne in early 2014. Clearly, the two Grand Slam champions in hand, no one can shake her place in Chinese sport. This example also shows that to achieve a high social value and business value, to absolutely compelling performance comes first.

Retired Wu said at a Sports Forum in Boao, attention, did not decrease after he retired, and this, of course, self-promotion and business-related. Rather than retire, he “did not know” without a trace.

Learn to moderate “self management”, rather than simply think “I’m the Olympic champion” is fine. Its good place to let the world better understand, self-worth and a little reflected, it will find its permanent place in the James era.

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