Ning Zetao Henan training home flipping destiny can only rely on grades


Sports + correspondent reported Wen Yuan

There are two recent news on Ning Zetao, one is to say national Swimming Championships. The deadline falls on March 10, he did not appear on the registration lists; another is the Wall Street Journal article about Li Jin-absorbing ability. The article, Li Na, even though retired for nearly three years, but I can’t decrease suction power, influence is beyond Yao Ming and swimming world champion Ning Zetao.

National Swimming Championships is to wage war on April 10 in Qingdao national preliminaries for the first time, even if it does not appear in the list, does not imply Ning Zetao will miss the opportunity to participate in the National Games. In June, the National Games also have a second preliminary round. If two are absent, will be missed.

Now Ning Zetao began jumping into the swimming pool of the daily training, according to the Henan provincial swimming managing Center said Ning Zetao naval training base in Shanghai is not selected, but a return to the initial training in his hometown. And he is not in the world series to accompany his Ye Jin, but team coach, Henan province.

Practice slow day, half lost two days of practice. Back from Rio in the body most of the time recuperating Ning Zetao resumed training, but to restore a high competitive level, not a day, not to mention about returning after the chaos, Ning Zetao hard time sinking down into the pool, as I do quiet without distraction to the training.

The Rio Olympics, people are guessing, Ning Zetao will embark on a road to face mixed with entertainment on, and will continue to jump into the swimming pool, defend the dignity of their hundred-meter freestyle genius?

Today, out of a bizarre plot drew to a close. Also relentlessly to the national team he shut the door of hope to the world series. Flip to fate, Ning Zetao only calm down, let your heart be strong, to resist the reality of his harassment. An athlete, most forceful counter strike to the reality, not the table determined to, talk to not, but took the most convincing results.

Li Na were it not for gains in two Grand Slam champions, remember her outside every now and then is the outbreak of temper; Liu Xiang had it not been for Athens to get the gold medal, breaking the world record, the outside world remember he is probably after a spate of retirements. It is because big scores, Li and Liu Xiang will no matter how much the past, are still sending out the star’s light, still has a high commercial value.

Ning Zetao, Kazan had achieved a career breakthrough, and he hopes to scale new heights, but everything was changed beyond recognition. Now I do not know if he had the chance to once again rewrite the destiny, but regardless of how the external environment, can control themselves. Just like her in the hold your right hand says, “fate is the Craven shield when I, when I scream unfair fate most of the time, is the prelude to prepare me to escape. Fate is like a basket, I put myself on my tolerance, forgiveness is brought in it, and then covered with a piece of fate yarns, I carry it forward slowly, at heart, a copy of mind calm. ”

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