Ning Zetao exposure will switch back to Henan national games are still doubtful


Out of swimming for nearly 9 months, Ning Zetao career without a clear profile. In recent State General Administration of sport official website published on the issuance of 2017-doping register check and examine the notice in the library list, world champion Ning Zetao’s name appears in the swimming events, Henan team player in a bar. So, does this mean that Ning Zetao have turned back local team? His participation in the National Games to revive? Since last year the Rio Olympics failure and subsequent departure from the national team after a series of crisis, Ning Zetao disappeared from public view, how he’s doing interesting. To this end, the reporter interviewed one person yesterday.

Where: cause for concern

After the incident caused quite a stir last November documentaries, the film Director Liang Mai said in an interview with the Beijing Youth daily, Ning Zetao is the Navy within Hainan jobs in a series of formalities. Liang Mai said he Ning Zetao on behalf of Henan in the 2017 games is likely, “he wants to prove himself again. “Ning Zetao is doing.

In February this year, the Dahe daily wrote in a post, Ning Zetao return to Henan team is not difficult, it’s only a matter of time.

“From a national perspective, and local army athlete probably has hundreds of double points, what’s wrong with these players belong in the games during the count? There is a saying that. “A staff member at the Chinese Swimming Association said at the time. In Zhengzhou with their parents during the Chinese new year, Ning Zetao also adhere to go swimming every day training. But involves the question of whether he can represent the Henan in the National Games, trouble is still not small.

But what is puzzling is, in the media coverage that followed, Ning Zetao appears once again in the Navy’s swimming team.

On March 24, the media says Ning Zetao will return to the national team, then the news was denied by swimming centre and Henan Sports Council.

Subsequently, it was revealed in Dahe daily, at the time of confirmation about the return to the national team Ning Zetao, relevant departments responded “no Ning Zetao heard of new trends, is still in the Navy swim team training”.

The afternoon of March 25, surging Navy swim team official told journalists, “Ning Zetao swim team has returned to the Navy, but did not return to training. “For other relevant circumstances, the official no longer reply.

At present, his name appeared in Henan team again attracted the world’s curiosity, Ning Zetao, whether to participate in the National Games, may soon be seen.

Status: workers return to Henan

On the official website of the General notification list is doping in athletes and the sports authority to fill athletes ‘ whereabouts information according to the following provisions. In other words, the name appears in the list, is vested in the local team’s players. As we all know, Ning Zetao Navy swim team in the past, but at the latest in 2017 of the library, he belongs to Henan.

Last September, leave Ning Zetao submitted job application to the naval forces of the national team. Since then, Ning Zetao will continue swimming career, where he will be trained and the future game raises concerns.

As 24 of the world’s top short-distance freestyle player, Ning Zetao should have good development prospects, concerned about his people didn’t want him to end one’s career.

Official documents revealed at least one of the General Administration of sport information: Ning Zetao didn’t give up swimming, Henan, and will represent the home team playing.

According to insider introduces, Ning Zetao transfer formalities is not initially successful, while the Navy intends to keep hold of him. Because the procedure is not successful, Ning Zetao missed after the Spring Festival this year with the Henan team training opportunities.

The information in the notice of the General Administration of sport official revealed, the Insider introduces, Ning Zetao transfer procedures should be completed in the near future, will officially return to Henan team.

Status: stomach impact training

In the middle of this month, the national Swimming Championships in Qingdao, Ning Zetao did not show up.

Ning Zetao missed Championship, the insider said they were not surprised. “He was in Shanghai in March, he was hospitalized for a thorough medical examination, found out the stomach. He is recuperating at his home in Henan recently, with my parents, and occasionally go to the swimming team of Henan to do training, but not on the scale of the professional training. ”

Qualifier for the national championships this year, Tianjin National Games, if you want to participate in the National Games, Ning Zetao, another chance is in June of this year’s National Games preliminary round to compete for promotions. Insider describes, at the beginning of this year when communicating with Ning Zetao, which play games did not give a clear answer.

“If the April race he did not attend, and that his only chance was the June race. “Swimming sports administrative center said Yang Qingshan, Henan province.

“His form is good, is more positive, if distractions to practical training, with his technical knowledge, to the good results achieved during the National Games is not impossible, but only if he has to get real, set strict demands on themselves, not at all tricky. ”

Even if I can’t participate in the National Games, insiders believe that Ning Zetao also has the potential to bounce back in the future. After all, in the 100, Ning Zetao remains the leading domestic level. The Rio Olympics, is not in the best state of Ning Zetao swam out of the 48 37 seconds and at the championships this year, Sun guest this project scored 49 seconds and win the 27. From: Beijing morning post, surging news

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