Nine hero of the Olympic Games women’s volleyball team a new nine new star finalist for the first time


New Chinese women’s volleyball team roster released head coach Jenny Lang ping, An Jiajie as an executive coach, Lai Yawen as leader and coach, has long been a concern of the women’s volleyball team temporarily paragraph fazed. Tokyo Olympic period starting squad is adjusted accordingly. 9 people in Rio Olympic champion Squad, but 3 veteran Wei qiuyue, Hui Ruoqi and Yan Ni not selected Diao Lin Yu, and Gong Meizi, Du Qingqing, Michelle Wang, and Yang Han Yu, Gao Yi, Qin Siyu, Qian Jingwen Wang Meiyi 9 rookie first finalist; Li Jing and Wang Yun蕗 both return to the squad; League performance good Wang Chen玥, Yang Zhou, Liu Yanhan, Wang Na, Chen Zhan, who missed the new women’s volleyball team.

Head coach Lang ping eat fitness coaching framework remains stable

Since the rate after Rio won the Olympics, coach Lang ping will Olympic cycle to stay in Tokyo are the focus of attention, news talk about her contract. Lang ping said this year should rest the body, will also participate in the formation of the new session of the national team in the past. The Lang ping of China Women volleyball team head coach will appear in the list, not only continued to led the sending positive signals for the Tokyo Olympic cycle, concern of the Chinese women’s volleyball team fans also be reassured. This year will be led by coach An Jiajie played, but the head coach to grasp the general direction of Lang ping that mark, have reason to look forward to in this Olympic cycle team continue strong.

Although Lang ping became head coach, but the coaching framework is stable, individual coaching ranks. First Assistant An Jiajie as implementation coach, will bear more training and game task; has is pipes Center Deputy Director of Lai Yawen still will fought in line, who leader and coach; package strong by accompany playing coach was promoted to assistant coach; accompany playing coach Yuan consonance, and Wu Xiaolei, and Tong Li and Fei Yu all left team, in about Olympic Qian had joined sparring of Qian volleyball national champion Yuan Zhi official as accompany playing coach. Doctors, physical therapists, rehabilitation therapists with Lang ping after many years. Coach women’s volleyball team that the stability of smooth transition and logistics.

Rio gold medallists 9 people named Hui Ruoqi, 3 people temporarily out

Succession is the new Olympic cycle the team challenge, many young players of Chinese women’s volleyball team plays in this regard difficult is relatively small. Rio’s Olympic champion team of 12 players on this 9 were selected, three senior Wei qiuyue, Captain of the poor health of the Olympic Games Hui Ruoqi and Yan Ni are the oldest in the team is not in the list. Nominated 9 Olympic champions in addition to veteran Middle blocker Xu yunli older, more injuries outside, another 8 people or when playing years, or still larger room at the Tokyo Olympic cycle will still constitute the main framework for the team.

Rio Olympic Games 12 will have 3 failed to enter the list. Wei qiuyue and middle blocker Yan Ni the second older, have expressed intention to retire after the games. Hui Ruoqi was Captain when the play of the year, but her heart is always hidden temporary rest or otherwise considered reasonable. 3 skills and experience both belong to the General. Is the contest of this year bye year inspection new, national team in the future if necessary, does not exclude the possibility of their return.

9 rookie League finalists are left unrecognized Shandong 5 will be selected for criticism

The total of 9 young squad for the first time. Addition to setter Diao Lin Yu, a free man outside the main du and Gong Meizi cleared, another 6 people is a middle blocker and get-away. 2/3 from these two locations of the forces nouvelles, objectively shows that relatively weak national team Middle blocker and takes talent, need to expand the scope of selection to meet the shortfall. 3 Middle blocker Michelle Wang, Yang Han-Yu and high body condition excellent, 3 takes Wang Meiyi, Qian Jingwen and Qin Siyu also features. Older Chinese middle blocker line, takes place only Gong Xiangyu prize. Whether more forces nouvelles in both places, means a lot to continue strong in Tokyo Olympic circle.

Li stage state League strong, Wang Yun-Lu Yong, and the two men return to the squad. But this year’s tournament a number of eye-catching performance have not been called up for the national team players, Wang Chen玥, and Yang Zhou, Wang Na, Chen Zhan, Li Yingying, who failed to interview.

Jiangsu and Zhejiang, 4 League championship squad, managed to avoid relegation in Shandong province there are 5 people named, Middle blocker Yang Han-Yu in the League is only played 2 games. Such contrast makes the same coach from Shandong An Jiajie controversial. Shandong is the reserve force is relatively good team, Qian Jingwen, Yang Han-Yu and Du Qingqing nominated mainly for trips new people. Total years each team has its own considerations and eventually stay and talk.

A new list of Chinese women’s volleyball team has some surprising places, but given the particularity of Quan Yunnian and third tournament bye year this year in the selection of players, there’s no need to list too tangled. Recall the beginning of 2013 recaptured women’s volleyball coach Lang ping command, players eventually participating in the training camp for the first time only Annabelle Lau, Yan Ni, Hui Ruoqi and Xu yunli had 4 people on the Rio Olympic arena. Tokyo Olympic period has just started, there is a big adjustment in the future space. (Caucasus)

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