National women’s throwing the shot put Bian Ka won the World Championships in London


Beijing time on March 31, 2017 national athletics throwing event-group in Sichuan xipu ended the match second leg contest, only player to achieve world standards of this site. PLA female shot put player Bian Ka 17.91-meter broke through the World Championships 17.75-meter’s standard lines, became the second World Championships standard of Chinese female shot athletes in London. The group with two points and five players reached the World Championship of London pass line they are Liu Shiying and Lv Hui of the women’s Javelin, women’s hammer throw, Zheng Wang, Feng Bin of the women’s discus throw and the women’s shot put Bian Ka. The two names in the world, Gong Lijiao (women’s shot put) in Germany in January to 18.95-meter successful compliance is in an indoor match, Zhang Wenxiu (women’s hammer throw) no race this season debut.

Throwing World Championships results calculated from October 1 last year, and July 23 this year, women’s shot put results is 17.75-meter. First player Guo Tianqian nearly won the title of 17.7-meter, Hebei, Bian Ka of the Liberation Army’s turn to play well, her fifth throw throw 17.91-meter won the Championship and got the World Championship tickets in one fell swoop. Runner-up Guo Tianqian site to 17.44-meter.

Rhona first leg of the women’s hammer throw, Heilongjiang team won the Championship, but only 68.94-meter, Lorna wing great, she again won the Championship based on 70.66-meter, although 34 cm from being 71-meter the results, but in the game in April or May, Rhona was optimistic about getting the World Championships ticket, Zheng Wang in the same 70.66-meter of targets first runner-up. Women’s discus throw, Feng Bin 63.06-meter the first standard of the PLA team won the Championship again, and her eighth-place finish just like the Rio Olympics. But other players are still substandard. Shandong’s Li lingwei 58.83-meter won the women’s Javelin title.

The men’s side, the Liaoning team Wang Shizhu 71.75-meter won the men’s hammer throw title. Beijing Liu Qizhen 78.83-meter won the men’s Javelin throw title, Wang Guangfu, Henan team 19.29-meter won the men’s shot put event. All three of them are the two wars are, and have a different rate increase, a step toward compliance. In addition Tan Kun to the Shandong team 57.91-meter won the men’s discus title.


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