National Games table tennis doubles the level of world-class Liu Shiwen hand Ding Ning promotion


+ Guangdong in the stands of the sports community reporter Pan Xiyu reports

The night of March 28, the 13th National Games table tennis qualifying match at the Liaoning Anshan was men’s and women’s doubles competition. First stage qualify for the Guangdong team mixed doubles final Liu Shiwen and Lin Gaoyuan continues to have excellent performance, both individually and Ding Ning, Yan an combination of formed units respectively, and goes into the final stage.

For the purpose of preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games, the games of doubles matches allow cross-unit pair so that national team players more opportunities to exercise. Won the mixed doubles finals after qualifying with teammate Lin Gaoyuan, Liu Shiwen and Ding Ning of Beijing team that had swept the world table tennis women’s doubles combinations together again. Only after a short training, two people regain rapport through it. Gu Yuting/miracle also entered the final stage, and Wen Jia/Chen Xingtong, and Liu Shiwen and Ding Ning in the top half of them. National team another strength doubles Zhu Yuling/Chen Mengjia points in the bottom half, with one half of the Che Xiaoxi/Wang Manyu, Wu Yang/Hu Limei, Liu Gaoyang/Feng Yalan, etc, they will face more intense competition than the top half.

As club-mate, Lin Gaoyuan naturally paired and Yan an expedition men’s doubles. Two people full of tacit understanding, first to beat Anhui 3:0 beyond/combination of Li Jiaqi, was swept in straight sets again Yu Haoran/Lu Jiapeng combination of Jiangxi, qualify for finals. “Psychology and tactics are relatively well prepared, so the scenes and technically better control. “Lin Gaoyuan said. Admitted before the game waiting for Yan an and Lin Gaoyuan pairs is happy with the play. Final phase, they will be in the bottom half against Liu Jikang/Hao shuai, Zhou Yu/Fan Zhendong two combination, “we will make full preparations. “Yan an said.

Last day for qualifying will produce men and women’s singles finals qualifying. Liu Shiwen as a member of the Olympic team title in Rio, in accordance with the rules of the games directly to participate in finals, so she will not participate in the singles qualifying. Lin Gaoyuan already entered the third round just two WINS, you can obtain national games finals. Although he had just got the straight World Championships in Dusseldorf singles seats, but far more intense competition of the National Games.

Combination of National Games women’s doubles finals competition:

Top half: 1 Ding Ning/Liu Shiwen (Beijing/Guangdong) 2 Sun Mingyang/Sun Wenlei (Ningxia/Jiangsu) 3 Wang Yidi/Li Xiaodan (Hunan/Shanxi) 4 Zheng Shichang/Guo Yichen (Jiangsu/Zhejiang) 5 Sun Yingsha/Chen Ke (Hebei/Jiangsu) 6 Gu Yuting/miracle (Shandong/a) 7 Fan Siqi/Yang Huijing (Sichuan) 8 Wen Jia/Chen Xingtong (Liaoning)

Bottom half: 9 Che Xiaoxi/Wang Manyu (Heilongjiang) 10 Cheng Dandan/Yuan Xuejiao (Beijing, Henan) 11 Yang/Wu Hu Limei (Shanxi/a) 12 Liu Gaoyang/Feng Yalan (Shandong and Hubei) 13 Li Jia燚/lanxi (Liaoning) 14 Zhang Rui/Guo Yan (Hubei, Sichuan) 15 Li Jiayuan/Sun Chen (Beijing) 16 Zhu Yuling/Chen Mengjia (Sichuan, Shandong)

Combination of national games men’s doubles finals competition:

Top half: 1 Ma long/Xu Xin (Beijing/Shanghai) 2 Huang Zhenting/He Junjie (Hong Kong) 3/Shang Kun Bo (Qingdao/Shanghai) 4 Lu Xiang/Zhai Yujia (Zhejiang) 5 Zhang Yudong/Sun Wen (Jiangsu) 6 Liang Jing Hu/Wang Chuqin (Hebei/Beijing) 7 in He Yi/Wang Linchu (Henan) 8 Xue Fei/Zhao Daming (Hubei)

Bottom half: 9 Ho Yam/Xia Yizheng (Henan) 10 Liu Jikang/Hao shuai (Beijing/Tianjin) 11 yan an/Lin Gaoyuan (Beijing/Guangdong) 12 Fan Shengpeng/Cheng Jingqi (Hebei) 13 Xu Ruifeng/Yan Sheng (Sichuan) 14 Zhu Cheng/CAI Wei (Jiangsu) 15 Wang Jianjun/Yin Jiaxu (Zhejiang) 16 weeks of rain/Fan Zhendong (PLA)

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