National anthem published original composition, a Professor of the Tianjin Conservatory


After public and expert review process, the 13th Games Organizing Committee recently determined the glory and dreams for the current national anthem, and officially released.

Song of the glory and dreams of Feng Guolin Professor of composition Department of the Tianjin Conservatory of music Tianjin senior teacher Hu Yulan lyrics. Experts agree that the glory and the dream melody high in the atmosphere, the words concise and powerful. “In Republic of flag Xia, boiling universal fitness of marine”, fit has 13th session games “full shipped Huimin health China” of theme, meaning national masses shared full shipped, passed happy; “and sea adjacent of land Shang, we faster, and more high, and more strong” expression has on national sports athletes and masses project entries who in Jin sell Earth Shang again create brilliant of better blessing.

National anthem in expanding the national impact, enhance the host visibility, played an important role, along with the emblem, mascot form the basis for a first-level image of the games. The 13th games started January 1, 2016, for the national song contest, call for to March 31, 2016 deadline were received from Liaoning province, Hunan province, Beijing, Tianjin and other 25 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, song lyrics and score 407, 51 submitted works in Tianjin.

Review is divided into primary, selection and final selection in three stages. Primary filter is mainly to collect the lyrics. Selection phase, by the Tianjin musicians ‘ Association and the Tianjin Institute of music literature expert judges select 5 finalists lyrics and music works. In the final selection stage, and Tianjin by China expert jury composed of experts, identified in the previous phase of the 5 finalists for final selection, and eventually full brewing discussion and voting of the jury experts, was established by Feng Guolin composer, Hu Yulan lyricist of the glory and dreams for the 13th session of the national anthem.

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