Men’s foreign coach for 4 years and 4 major tasks to be eligible for Olympic entries


Southern daily news (reporter/Jin Zhuxi) on 26th, the history of Chinese men’s volleyball team’s first foreign coach Losano officially signed a contract with tube Center director Li quanqiang, the Argentine coach signed with China a “2+2” contracts. If his results to achieve the desired, then at least you can lead after the Tokyo Olympic Games. At the meeting, Losano, want to bring change to the players physically and technically, he has confidence in his work, but it’s also a huge challenge.

Four years four great task awaiting Losano

After the reform and opening up with football’s first foreign coach, schlappner is lousy at different levels in Europe, first ocean shuailuosanuo of the men’s volleyball team has a very rich and prominent coaching CV. He has been active in the world men’s line, led Eastern powerhouse Poland won the World Championships runner-up. An Asian team in the lead when the Iranian team, led bositie Losano ride opened the door to Olympic Games for the first time, and one of the Rio Olympic Games quarterfinals. In addition, the Argentines are also excellent in club management. It can be said that Losano in volleyball circles almost equivalent to Lippi’s position.

Because led Losano has a wealth of experience, pipe Center, he can make of the Chinese men’s volleyball team strength and results have improved significantly. It is learnt that the pipe Center a 4-year contract with Losano, among them or not depending on the previous two-year contract two years after performance targets. Pipe Center gave Losano four tasks: 2017 Asian championship medal, in 2018 to enter the Asian Games final, the 2019 Asian Championship title in 2020 and eligibility for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

In accordance with China’s capabilities, status of increasing difficulty these four tasks are itemized. Especially the final task qualify for the Olympic Games, China’s men’s Volleyball Olympic tournament in Rio performances and strength at this stage, very difficult to reach goals. As for the Asian Championship, and again after the Chinese men’s volleyball team since 1999 also the taste. Losano, said: “I want the Chinese team lost things back, back to China. ”

Center director Li quanqiang said: “in the process of hiring foreign teachers, tube Center is the most valued foreign coaching experience. There are three reasons why we chose Losano, first of all, he has experience of coaching national teams, especially those with experience with Asian teams. Second, we value most is that he has a team from a lower position to bring out good results in the process, and has led the Olympic experience, the experience meets the requirements of Chinese men’s volleyball team. Third, he is Asian and the Volleyball World knew, have experience for our opponents to solve problems. ”

Teenager Chen Jiajie, Guangdong WINS training list

It is worth mentioning that, in the new issue of men’s volleyball in the 17-man squad, from Taishan, Guangdong youngster Chen Jiajie list. Chen Jiajie, Guangdong Province men’s volleyball devoting, PF free men. 2015 was first elected to the national second team, representative of China’s Olympic soccer team for the Asian men’s Volleyball Championships U23 fourth personal defense ranked third. Again in 2016 national second team, set off the Asian Cup Volleyball Championship in second place.

Basketball volleyball administrative center, Guangdong Province, Zeng Ji said: “Chen Jiajie 10 came into contact with volleyball, when the body has a lot of agility. The national team, as well as his years of working hard and that. As a free man, he has enough talent, which is very important. Now, our national team has led foreign well-known coaches, which of course is an opportunity for the young Chen Jiajie. Under the guidance of coaches, to help his growth. “At the same time, JI also pointed out:” Chen Jiajie wants to become the backbone of the national team, needs to seize the opportunity in the match to build up my confidence. ”

It is understood that Chen Jiajie 26th has been reported to the national team.

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