Marco Fu is served by Selby: no chance he will win a third Crown


Mark Selby in the world with a hearty 13-3 eliminated player Marco Fu, Hong Kong, China. Hot hot he dominated in his semi-final 4 contestants. In addition, the 1/4 final victory also meant that the season he accumulated bonuses of over £ 600,000, and now he is moving to break Stephen Hendry’s single-season record cumulative bonus of £ 740,000 target.

After the first stage of a 6-2 lead, Selby did not leave any chance to Marco Fu, the second stage play 7-1 directly out of the opponent, also eliminates the third phase of the contest. In the game, he played 143 break in a high score (though his highest score was Sullivan Rod about 4 hours for just a single pole 146 beyond).

In the post-match interview, Selby said of his status and prospect about semifinal opponent–at the time, he still doesn’t know who his next opponent is.

“From the beginning to the end, I only have 1 or 2 of the hit the ball did not hit. In addition, I think it is more or less a perfect game. “11 tournament winner says,” if I keep playing like this, I think I have a chance to win the title. But in the next 4 games or maybe even more game, continued to remain in the same State is very difficult, but I know that difficulties exist, so attitudes. ”

Selby said, “I try to hit harder, because in the World Championships, it was a long race, so if you can finish one phase to get some extra rest, it will be very good. ”

143 in talking about defending champion said: “I think that 143 is a great one, because I never thought about location, I just keep innocently shot from any location. When I got 80 points, I think it can be clear, and I continued playing into the black and red balls, when they finally hit the black ball, I thought it was my game’s most tense moment, because if I didn’t enter, highest points in 136 minutes can’t be, but 143 is an opportunity. ”

In predicting the opponent, world first said: “Ding Junhui seems again very well, Ronnie no matter what kind of mood are very dangerous. He has the ability to win tonight, he could easily qualify, will not miss the 4 leading opportunities. ”

After the defeat, Fu said, Selby is now invincible, he would later win his 3rd World Championship trophies.

Marco Fu admitted: “it’s very difficult, mark are at their best with him against a very difficult, and sometimes even have no chance to get started. Safety ball, long, high break in play, everything is first class, he now became the biggest favourites in subsequent games. ”

“Like me, many players will be sitting in a Chair watching his opponent play one shot after another. Ronnie and I played, and Stephen Hendry, John Higgins, so this is not new for me. In addition to admire, you really don’t have anything else to do, he’s playing very well, he showed ability, his ball’s quality is sometimes amazing. Sometimes you just need to praise him and congratulate him. ”


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