Losing to meet Ding does not regret growing up on the road with a toast to the past the age of 30


April 1 is the Ding 30 years old birthday. 30 years old Ding Junhui, quietly becoming more and more mature. Years is an artist, storm’s moment of glory he experienced on the road, bleak times, were condensed into a smile, acquired in his face, give people stable feeling.

Snooker games too much, even once-Chi Zha field o ‘ Sullivan, also did not win, but a free and easy, he does not get bogged down in the game, lost the game, off-track life is still very exciting, his smile blurred the line between winning and losing. For a long time, Ding Junhui too care about winning or losing, against Sullivan that incident many years ago, losing even a tearful mess. Most of the time, after the defeat, sitting in the press room of his celebrating uproariously into the microphone, looking disappointed, let reporters not to ask questions.

Losing 30 birthday venue to celebrate in smoke

On March 31, Ding’s birthday the night before, he lost the ball. How many people are looking forward to at this year’s China open he spent his 30 birthday. To this end, the Organizing Committee has arranged a cake, waiting it out. Press room of a female interpreter ready blessed words, moved all look forward to Ding their birthday, but as Ding Junhui to 1:5 to Karen Wilson, everything went up in smoke. Lost expression she will write the blessed word of that piece of paper into the paper.

This tournament, despite the occurrence of the trademark, but Ding’s performance in the last couple of games is very exciting, all the way through and qualify for the finals 1/4. Face this season Shanghai masters used to defeat SB Karen Wilson, Ding Junhui the best State suddenly disappear. Game is over soon, Ding Junhui came to the press room, he went straight to the Middle sat down. Unlike previous losing treasure such as gold, Ding emerged comforting look on his face.

“Unfortunately, cannot join a birthday, but I do not regret, I also have my own private time. “Ding Junhui nature to know if it could be on the field until the semifinals, a cake will appear in the press room after the game, and everyone joined in singing the birthday song for him, in the candlelight, Ding Junhui’s Palms as promised. So for many years before, the last time, Ding Junhui birthday is in this tournament in the year 2015. At that time, the three of them cut the cake together, Ding Junhui laughs when he is happy.

Father: 18 years old that he was most happy birthday

This event has special meaning for Ding Junhui, in this tournament, he won his first tournament Championship. In 2005, are now persistent, many stories have been written to Ding Junhui won the profound. But nothing but memories of father Ding Wenjun, he remembers vividly, that game, winning also carrying Ding Junhui in the birthday he had gone some distance, “in fact, in this tournament, he won for the first time when he was 18 years old birthday. At that time, they were funny, says adult back dad. Later on, he really backs me up, walked part of the way. Special Grand birthday at that time, was his first ranking champion, also quite memorable. “Young Ding Junhui, often dad behind. Father on my back the moment, Ding Junhui out of the crucial step.

In Ding Wenjun seems, Ding Junhui on birthday is not special care of, yiqian also in reading that will, every himself of birthday, he will invited students to home poly a poly, in table Shang, group children are said with class Shang of thing, laughter bursts, Ding Junhui never is most noisy of a, but he of smile is most thick of, “zhiqian he when reading of when birthday, birthday day, I will let he of mother in home do a table dish, then we walked away, let he himself home in care he invited to of small partners. ”

Zhihou, Ding family moved to Guangdong from home, Ding Junhui’s every birthday was different from the young, “Guangdong, his birthday is relatively simple, sometimes called together some friends for dinner, because training time is tight, and sometimes he would not celebrate a birthday. ”

Selby: 30 age: small

Different from Ding Junhui, Selby won the 31st night ball, who beat Maguire, qualified for the semi-finals of this competition. In the post-match press conference, when asked what to Ding when birthday wishes, he did not forget to open the joke, shows a deeper friendship and Ding Junhui. “How old is his birthday? Oh, 30 years. Ding Junhui 30 happy birthday, like to know the age of 30, he and I are ‘ old ‘, and wanted him to stay young forever. ”

A female fan Ding Junhui was sent to him on the eve of the birthday wishes: “Ding Junhui, snooker on me because you like. Wishing you a happy 30 birthday, we wish you a good performance in this year’s World Championships. ”

Ding Junhui and 30 years old compared to him a few years ago, in many ways is no different, experts gathered on the snooker scene, he still won and lost between exchanges, are temporarily unable to like Sullivan, Hendry and other master-level player become a star. Ding Wenjun said they came from over 36 birthday as a big birthday. 30 year old Ding Junhui, ranking has won 12 tournaments, but has not won the World Championship title. You can look forward to Ding Junhui at the age of 36, when he, also as light as Sullivan now? Already took over all of the Championship? If you can be as exciting as fans look forward to, became the project’s “King”?

Ding Junhui, happy birthday, thank you to the fans, thank you for giving fans something to look forward to!

(Dong Zhengxiang)

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