List of world table tennis championships due to Zhang jike led Ding Ning malongboer partner


From May 29 to June 5, the 54th world table tennis championships individual match will be played in Dusseldorf, Germany, successfully fighting today, the Chinese table tennis team has officially announced the 5 individual entry list.

Men’s singles, who’s leading?

Players: Karl Malone, and Zhang jike, and Xu Xin, and Fan Zhendong, and Lin Gaoyuan

The world table tennis championships in the past, most competitive, most variables are the men’s singles race. Express game stands out for four main plus of forest high, is undoubtedly the ultimate championship contender, Malone and strive to defend, Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin seeks to break through, the biggest suspense is the return after injuries of Zhang jike and for the first time take part in the world table tennis championships singles Lin gaoyuan, after former back can be adjusted to the best, forest high and go far in the world table tennis championships?


Women’s singles, Ding Ning whether the three crowns?

Contestant: Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen, Zhu Yuling, Chen Mengjia, wood child

Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen was when the play of the year, Zhu Yuling, Chen Mengjia experiences a Olympic circle exercise, although no breakthrough Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen in the straight game, but other than technology and experience advantage, four people playing singles in reason. Miracle’s inclusion is a surprise, but she too large, and its experience, Suzhou world table tennis championships in China eliminated her Ishikawa pure and Feng tianwei, becoming the biggest contributor. 5 singles people only Ding Ning took the women’s Singles Champion, Dusseldorf, Ding Ning is three times crowned, or new day host?


Men’s doubles, “Marco Polo” reappearance

Participants: Xu Xin/Fan Zhendong, and Malone/Pohl (Germany)


World table tennis championship in Suzhou, malongboer in the men’s doubles second round defeat to Zhang jike and Xu Xin, early exit from Medal contention, combined again, Malone/pol-want to strive to win in this session of the the world table tennis championships, the biggest opponent is no doubt China’s original combination: Xu Xin/Fan Zhendong!

Women’s doubles semi-finals, Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen and then hand in hand


Contestant: Ding Ning/Liu Shiwen, and Zhu Yuling/Chen Mengjia


In women’s doubles table tennis Li Xiaoxia/Guo Yue rule era, followed by Ding Ning/Liu Shiwen, became the obvious second combination in the world, Rotterdam, the 2011 and 2013 world table tennis championships in Paris were runners-up. Suzhou in 2015 because the Olympic strategy, two open partner respectively, and Li Xiaoxia, Zhu Yuling, the final. After two years after the reorganization, the Olympic combination can resist Zhu Yuling/Chen Mengjia and other players challenge the Crown?


Mixed doubles, “Sino-foreign alliances” can I still win?

Contestant: Fang Bo/Suo Erjia (Germany), gross (Denmark)/Feng Yalan


Suzhou world table tennis championship, won the mixed doubles title partner Xu Xin Liang Xiayin, becoming one of the highlights of the world table tennis championships. This year, Fang Bo partner Suo Erjia, Feng Yalan partner gross, played mixed doubles League. Suo Erjia Europe emerged the best local players in recent years, gross was the European Championships doubles title last year, and two people who had participated in the Rio games, experience than Fang Bo Feng Yalan and more abundant.

(Source: the world of table tennis)

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