Lin Li Henan relegation battle the constant fire rescue junior attack aimed at upgrading


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Though the national women’s volleyball League final has ended, however, the League competition is still continuing, Henan, Yunnan, Hebei, Guangdong, four teams will be competing for entry into the two places in group a. Although there were only four teams, but the star-studded every bit as much as the national women’s volleyball League, evergrande majored in Galaj introduced in Brazil and the United States takes after the blessed Seth, also introduced aid Annabelle Lau, women’s volleyball, according to Henan stakeholders confirmed that Lin Li Henan women’s volleyball team will also fire rescue, though only one promotion and relegation matches, but the point is still full.

Constant: the three-strong attack attack Super

Evergrande volleyball before grading action to raise awareness of the potential this team back to a group decision. Cross match while fighting was going on in the women’s volleyball League, evergrande full tour to Europe, after returning home with a few teams played friendly matches in group a. Most importantly, evergrande has introduced Galaj, Fawcett, as well as aid in Annabelle Lau, an attack like this lineup, even in the world, also with the national team broke off the attack line the side of wrestling, thus the evergrande this back to return to a group are potential bases.

Henan: two foreign aid Lin Li fire rescue

This year, the Henan women’s volleyball team with Murphy and two cases of foreign aid Hodge, team record is not ideal, but they succeed in lifting group match left the two foreign aid. Confirmation of women’s volleyball, according to Henan people, best free Lin Li of Henan women’s volleyball team will join the Olympic Games, for the women’s volleyball team playing in Henan province lift Group’s match. Lin Li’s arrival can be good protection and defense, especially in a link, a certain degree of liberation of Murphy’s pass, allow it to focus on attack. Henan team waiting on the lift strength on the group itself, Lin Li after joining, again reinforcing the Henan team’s lineup.

Yunnan: foreign aid help m Dr, or join

Similar to the Henan team, Yunnan will be their two foreign aid Silva and Palacio left to prepare for promotion and relegation matches, left two foreign aid at the same time, according to Fujian fans will say, Mi Yang a temporary move to Yunnan women’s volleyball team is almost a foregone conclusion. Mi Yang technology more solid, two attack if able to adapt rice in Yunnan Yang pass, play our style, perhaps there’s hope to stay in group a, from the current lineup, evergrande volleyball have all but locked up a rose group places, Yunnan and Henan should be squaring off for another places.

Hebei: accompany studying princes in learning

Hebei women’s volleyball team in the lift is the only team in the Group had neither foreign aid nor requests the aid team, is the team’s strength is relatively weak compared with the other three teams, so this lifting of the Hebei women’s volleyball Group’s goal should be to focus on learning, focusing on training.

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