Legend review history the most 4×100 combination bolt 2 Rod Lewis Sprint


Bruni-Surin, Canada’s leading sprinter, hundred meters the best results reached 9 84 seconds, has won two World Championships men’s 60-meter indoor champion, won two World Championships men’s 100 m runner-up. He and partner-Donovan Bailey, in the mid-90 dominated the men’s 4 x 100-meter race, to major three or four rods in two Canadian teams, scored 95 and 97 World Championship, in 96 and beat the US team won at the Atlanta Olympics. Surin on the 4 x 100 metres is the right person, recently told the International Amateur Athletic Federation in an interview, he spoke of his men’s 4 by 100 strongest combination in history. Surin’s best sequence is Maurice Greene, usain-bolt, Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis.

First Surin gave the old Maurice Greene is 7 years younger than me, 99 Green 8,000 meters with 9 seconds to win the World Championship, Surin 84 9 second runner-up. Surin said: “the beginning of the relay you need to first will be able to play very well. Green’s psychological advantage in this respect, he is 60 meters world record holder now. 90% section I can pressure him, but in the end he could lead me. ”

The second bolt, Surin said: “two rod is run the longest distance in a relay. I tend to bolt, see who can compete with him two rod. He started running, and samples of each item is a sprinter. 08 I noticed him before he broke the world record when he ran 9 76 seconds in Jamaica, it was said lucky and I think he will break the world record after watching video. Surprised me with his relaxed attitude for the competition, he is the spread of the sport’s great ambassadors. ”

Selection of third great man of the last century 30 Owens is somewhat surprising, as the three great stress curve technology, Surin said, “when he got the 200 meters champion corners very well, but can have such technology in the cinder track, that was kind of crazy. If he’s in the modern runway competition, convinced him the strength of at least a hundred meters 9 seconds 8. ”

Fourth is six years older than Surin’s Carl Lewis. Surin as early as 1988 Olympic men’s long jump competition, and Lewis encounters, but none was Su Linlian final. 91 World Championship Lewis to hundred meters title 9 86 seconds and breaking the world record, Surin in 10 14 seconds in the eighth. Surin gave the best his admired predecessors, is being inspired by 91 World Championship, he said: “the last few meters, he was still spelled best, he is a great finisher. Attention, never have the slightest bit careless, has the ability to catch up with any opponent in front of him. Because of his calling, and I was to enter the track area. ”


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