Lang ping of China Women volleyball team head coach Division of glory again


CNS, Beijing, March 29 (reporter Yue Chuan)-Association of China Women’s volleyball team was announced on 29th 2017 training notifications, Lang ping will be the head coach position, An Jiajie as an executive coach. Because of Lang ping and the original contract had expired in late September, which means around the discussion of her contract or not, and finally had the answer in six months.

Last summer’s Olympic Games in Rio, Chinese women’s volleyball team vividly indomitable spirit of interpretation, under the circumstances of out of the group stages on the verge “born to die” and enter the phased out after the game and even g Brazil, the Netherlands, Serbia’s three enemies, the first time in 12 years, won an Olympic gold medal for the third time in history. As the team coach, Lang ping reputedly.

On September 30 last year, Lang ping and the Chinese women’s volleyball team’s contract officially expired, about whether she will continue to run after command was also cause for concern. Pipes said Liu Wenbin, Deputy Director of the Centre, on the renewal of Lang ping, “full of confidence”, but there has been no clear conclusion.

In late November, CCTV broadcast of the documentary film the turning point-lang. The documentary, lang did not give a precise answer, she revealed her legs more, at this stage, to treat first. However, Lang ping will also say, if to continue coaching, Chinese women’s volleyball team is the only option, will not accept other teams threw an olive branch.

In January this year, CCTV sports man of the year award ceremony, Lang ping became the audience one of the brightest men. Not only won the title of best coach of the year, the Chinese women’s volleyball team scored four awards. The ceremony, Lang ping said is about to travel to the United States for surgery, she said, would respect the inner decision with my family “decision”.

Beijing on January 20, Lang ping in Chicago undergoing hip surgery, the operation was very successful. Lang ping after rehabilitation in America, she repeatedly through the social networking site to greet fans and share recovery progress. In the meantime, China Association leadership has for the United States to visit Jenny Lang ping.

Earlier media reports said Lang ping is expected at the end of March treatment back home. On the 29th, China announced women’s volleyball 2017 years intensive training notifications, head coach Lang ping’s name appears on the column, which means long discussions around her to renew or not, and finally had the answer.

Next, the teacher of Chinese women’s volleyball team, the glory will be a fresh start. Blessing, Jenny Lang ping, bless the Chinese women’s volleyball team. (End)

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