Lang ping is still the backbone of Chinese women volleyball team Lai Yawen wearing three hats really rare


Pipe Center announced the new coach of China’s women’s volleyball team, Lang ping became head coach, An Jiajie as an executive coach. While the leader Lai Yawen, coach Bao Zhuang, Wu Xiaolei and other coaching staff all the previous Olympic cycle, added the former national men’s volleyball major get-Yuan Zhi as accompanying coaches. Lang ping is still the backbone of the team and leaders, while An Jiajie were given the increased liability. It is worth mentioning that, both as team leaders, coaches and Lai Yawen pipe, Deputy Director of the three levels.

Lang ping led the Chinese women’s volleyball team in the previous Olympic cycle has made brilliant achievements, won the Rio Olympic Games gold medals, the World Cup and World Championship runner-up, creating another peak period in the history of Chinese women volleyball team. In this case, it tube Center is no reason not to and Lang ping contract. In this coaching team, and head coach Lang ping’s position is, instead of the previous head coach. Although there is only one letter short, but there are obviously different.

Lang ping said earlier in an interview with CCTV: “to bring the Chinese team or quit. “This in fact implies that she will continue to coach the Chinese women’s volleyball team. There was speculation Lang ping will be the row during President or other officials, but Lang ping made it clear that his specialty is business and do the things they like to do.

Head coach Lang ping from became head coach, mainly for her body to consider. In February this year she had hip surgery, but asymmetry, also need an operation on the other side. After the surgery, you also need some recovery time. So this year, she may not be able fully to the cause of Chinese women’s volleyball team training and competition, then there needs to be an executive coach to perform her training plans, the game plan.

Lang ping is the de facto leader of this team, just the routine of training and competition this year may be performed by An Jiajie. Judging from the coaching staff, coaches all of the previous cycle, post of leader Lai Yawen also continued to serve as leader. Bao Zhuang from accompany coach was promoted to assistant coach, Wu Xiaolei, Yuan Shu in unison, and Yu Fei, Tong Li, who continue to be accompanied coaches. Increased national men’s volleyball team’s main supporting Yuan Zhi with the coach. Other foreign doctors, physical divisions, Rehabilitation Division is on a cycle of “the old man”, who followed the lang fight together for a few years, is the result of practical test of professional experts. All of these people, also shows that Lang ping still have absolute say over the team.

Lai Yawen was promoted to the pipe, Deputy Director of the Center, but still became the leader of the Chinese women’s volleyball team and coach. She and Lang ping was a team-mate, later head coach Lang ping of China Women’s volleyball team, she is the captain. Women’s volleyball coach Lang ping return to China the previous cycle, she is the team leader and coach, is the right-hand man of Lang ping, in communicating with the players, do ideological work did a lot of work in this area, and won the trust of coach Lang ping. “Promotion” still chose to follow after lang continued to fight on the front lines, China Women’s volleyball Middle blocker short-handed, she could transfer of technology and experience to new players.

An Jiajie one Olympic cycle was the Assistant coach on this team very well, and lang and his coaches with the years, mutual trust, good implementation of Lang ping’s overall arrangements and plans. He is young, energetic, dynamic, is a career best when, as Executive coach is appropriate. By the Assistant coach was promoted to coach of location has changed, have greater responsibilities than before. Led on a cycle he had directed the 2015 and 2016, 2016 Swiss elite Grand Prix finals match, there are some individual coaching experience, but experience is also lacking. This year, Chinese women’s volleyball team will take part in the Grand Prix, Championship, Grand Champions Cup matches, An Jiajie, daily training is a test of the present command.

Although there is no world series this year, but middle blocker, pass, get placed into the new people who need to improve in training, to take over as soon as possible. Especially the Middle blocker position openings, how to improve the level of these new players, a subject is placed in front of An Jiajie.

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