Infrequent 5-0 Ding Junhui made even aggressive resentment? back


Beijing time on March 29, 2017 World Snooker China open continued at the Beijing University students gymnasium. China Star Ding Junhui in the 2nd round of the China Derby, beat teenager Zhou Yue 5-0 Dragon promotions. 5-0 WINS 2 consecutive game, let people see that unlike previous Ding Junhui, hit fast, far from precise attack, more choice offensive … … What to Ding Junhui was so aggressive, so “crazy”?

People watching the first three games, should be easy to spot, Ding played very different. Xiao Hui playing rhythms are more stable in the impression, not of type shots quickly, pursuing the line and defense. But starting from the match against Shawn Sullivan, Xiao Hui obviously makes people smell a anger. These three games, Ding every field has a single pole breaking hundreds and a win, although weaker opponents is one thing, but Ding Junhui offensive improvement was obvious.

Perhaps that was delayed due to costume problems and penalties in the match it’s not obvious, but over the next 2 days in a row in 2 5-0, Ding showed one side of the domineering side leakage. With explanations guests Cai Jianzhong was quoted as saying CCTV today, Xiao Hui batting tempo was faster than it was before a lot, fast, playing very strongly. While we are wrong, but most chose to attack successfully, especially in well maintained a fairly accurate level. But his offensive awareness is very strong, some difficult he chose to attack the ball, instead of the usual defense.

Ding Junhui why performances in this competition was such a “crazy”? Perhaps is a trademark event is to blame. Penalties for Tsu, Xiao Hui expressed it “mad”, “angry” mood. Guest commentary for the 2nd game Qin Zheng was quoted as saying, in a number of ball-handling, he played “some emotional.” Until last night, Ding also claims to want to send it to the Taiwan Solidarity Union lawyers.

Of course, 2 game, he faced opponents strengths were not very strong, but 5-0 seems to be venting Ding Junhui suppressed in their inner dissatisfaction. Ding said: “I want to win the game, you didn’t let me go, I just want to play well and win as much as possible. “Change of heart led to a further change in style. In fact, Xiao hui’s batting style has changed before, but after a period of time the ups and downs of the adjusted, this time we really saw a shot in the game more and more like “rocket” him.

Ding with a bit of “gas” to play previous rounds is allowed to sail, more behind the contest will be more difficult, still want to Ding Junhui in the stay aggressive at the same time, also can keep a good frame of mind. Even though there are many unhappy talk sure is the best response.


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