I am the champion name entry for a group effort all-round skills May play the game


Second national effort all-round skill Grand Prix will be held May 8-13th at the Beijing sports University gymnasium breaks scene, news releases, it caused a warm response from fight fans, Netizen asked individuals could sign up, do you can participate is 37 years old, Kung Fu game is the all-around contest … …

Today reporter interviewed a second national effort all-round technical sponsor of the Grand Prix, Horgos magic sports and Cultural Development Corporation Mr Cheng Xiaoming, Director of sports, Mr CHENG, this competition does not accept the application, he recommended wrestling enthusiasts to participate in the subsequent opening of “I am the champion” auditions for all leitaisai.

It is learned that the competitions allows national physical education colleges, other sports professional qualification institutions, provinces (municipalities) sports vocational technical college (school), as well as other social units, clubs in the competition.

National kungfu all-around skill Grand Prix sports College, formerly known as the national martial arts skill Grand Prix Almighty. September 2015, 22-27th, sponsored by the General Administration of sports science and Education Division, Beijing sports University and the Beijing bokesen sports and Cultural Development Corporation jointly sponsored, organised in 15 major national sports College “Kung Fu in 2015 the first national sports college all-around skill Grand Prix” successfully held in Beijing University of physical education. Innovation rules and competition of the tournament, sparking strong response from society and the media in the promotion of sports reform of socialization of College competition, market, exploring Chinese martial arts to the world arena, project to promote Chinese martial development and upgrade the sports institutions played an active role in social influence. Over more than 30 of these events reported by the mainstream media, when Baidu events, and broadcast of CCTV is successful.

According to the course Director, currently consists of Beijing sports University, capital Institute of physical education, Harbin Institute of physical education, 10, Jilin Institute of physical education and sports colleges have submitted entries, and he expects the closure of the list on April 10, all competed in the 15 major national institutes.

Social clubs have been Beijing heaven five clubs such as fight club registration, Zhang tiequan start fight Club also approached the world of boxing. Participated in the I am the world champion Chen dongsheng, he will work to create a media company to team up for competition. I am the champion contestant Luo Huaijie, Zhu Jun will also team up to join the competition.

The tournament team first prize will get 100,000 yuan reward, and Kung-Fu all-around individual champion will receive a bonus of 20,000 yuan. Compared to sports universities have more “human resources”, difficulty in social units and clubs compete for the team title is not small, there will be social or club sports universities and comprehensive repression? This is the shining point of this contest.

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