Higgins on the schedule: nothing Ding Junhui rockets game this afternoon is more important


Beijing time on March 29, 2017 on the third day of the World Snooker China open match race. In the second round, Higgins beat Mark Davis, 5:2 to, and qualify for the third round. After the match, Higgins took part in the press conference, but according to my observation, WINS after Higgins was not the usual joy of my excitement, could it be because their performance is not satisfactory?

Look out, Higgins is clearly well prepared for this game, he played in the match is decisive, and grasp the opportunity, locked the victory. For this match, Higgins said: “the game itself is very difficult, I lost a lot of games in the first round, against Mark Davis and I haven’t beaten him, my performance was not very good, but can win the match I was very happy. ”

Many times I see Higgins win are expressions easily came to the press conference room, attended the news conference, reporters or other people’s signed request, he would have readily agreed. Higgins came to the press room today face some coagulation, eye brow to see his joy for the victory. But Higgins said he had never noticed that, “this thing I don’t realize it, but playing well I will definitely play the game out, I am the have any emotions can show the player, may be because played today did have some struggles, but this does not affect my happy to win victory. ”

This game, Ding Junhui and Sullivan matches were arranged on the night, Higgins never had played in the night game. This also makes it impossible for his fans in the days to come to watch the game this afternoon. In this regard, Higgins of the view? “I’d love to see fans came to cheer me, for fans in China, Ding Junhui and Sullivan’s game is more important, so I put my game in the afternoon, I have no objection. “Higgins continued:” I wish I could play a little longer in the competition, in this case, in which fans can see the game. ”

(Dong Zhengxiang)

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