Hengdelizan Ding Junhui finally break the ice rocket hit 146 possible for less money


11 ranking be Sullivan once they break the spell, is also at the Crucible this temple, this victory is ice-breaking journey to Ding Junhui, even not very optimistic that this time he World Championship Hendry is also praised for his performance.

2005 China open snooker final Ding Junhui against Hendry to win, the game is considered by many in the future transfer of new and old King’s battle, but 12 years later, World Championship ice Ding Junhui has been unable to break. After crossing the mountains of Sullivan, Hendry admitted: “on such an important stage is a good ice breaker, Ding Junhui saw hopes. ”

2007 Ding Junhui Crucible debut, suffered in the first round is the “evil” o ‘ Sullivan, in the Wembley Masters final in a couple of months ago, Sullivan had 10-3 win over Ding Junhui. First came to the Crucible, Ding Junhui was slightly nervous, 2-10 defeat. This was one of the most painful game of Ding Junhui career since 2006 prior to the final of the World Championships 1/4 Cup finals for Northern Ireland by 2017, Ding has 11 years of time in ranking tournament victory over Sullivan.

This game of Sullivan’s performance varies, particularly a 146 minute caused great controversy. Both errors, intentional, this eye-popping 146 minutes, after all, this isn’t the first time o ‘ Sullivan played 146 points and also out bonuses complained before the match. Hendry believes Sullivan and not to a 147, on the grounds that “possibly because the bonus is not high enough.” While out, but that’s 146 minutes, or let the highest break in fire the teacher became contenders.

Ding Junhui, the semi-final will be Selby, Hendry says more than once Selby is now the most comprehensive and best snooker players, in a long-term situation of competition at the World Championships also has a unique advantage. Selby’s status by several adjusting has been gradually achieved the best, Marco Fu, decisive victory is proof of that. But Hendry was blunt, current state of Ding Junhui is also very good, but it must be in the first two stages held opponents to just go.

(Ting Yuan)

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