Hendry retired 5 years after the first billiards Emperor sword veteran World Championships


China snooker Association official website news: March 22 – 24th UK time from “Super Star Online” title sponsor of World Snooker veterans Championships in Scunthorpe, United Kingdom. By then, the four players through the qualifying round and the race compete eight snooker legend, the champions will get tickets for the qualifying rounds of the world championship this year, top seed and tournament invites players was 7-time world champion, “Billiards Emperor” Hendry.

Shidifen·Heng enrichment, January 13, 1969 was born Yu Scotland Edinburgh of he, 17 age began he of career Republika Connaught grams career, in thereafter up 27 years of time in, had get 7 times World Championships champion, which 1992 to 1996 get five consecutive, has no break this records; 6 times master game champion; 4 times Grand Prix champion; total 36 a ranking game champion–to know, that era annual only not to 10 a ranking game; he also has 11 times 147 points full marks rod of official records And maintained from March 17, 1990 to January 13, 1991 loss to Jimmy White’s longest unbeaten record, won 5 consecutive ranked matches during the Championship and at rankings a record 36 consecutive games unbeaten in the tournament.

However, after the 2005 Malta Cup, over the next 7 years, Hendry no longer champion recorded. Beijing time on May 2, 2012, into the age pool of the Emperor, 1/4 2-13 defeat in the finals at the World Championships after also came from Scotland’s Maguire, officially announced his retirement decision. At a press conference at his interview, he admits that: “two or three months ago, I think I’ve had enough; so sorry unable to play at the Crucible, but announced his retirement was a relief for me. I think this is a correct decision, I cannot state as peak of the past always was defeated by the other contestants too painful for me than JI Liu Yong returned. ”

In five years, Hendry as he said, no longer appear in the official game of Snooker game. As a BBC commentator, Hendry said: “the last year or so, I kind of Miss playing snooker. Perhaps televised snooker sake, I also want to go to the game. “Hendry friends” Golden left hand, “Mark Williams, a few days ago also in” giant online “revealed in the open class, Hendry will want veterans to win the comeback.

Retired five years, Hendry debut will be March 23, UK time. “Billiards Emperor” return ability takes the Crown, return to the Crucible? “The Star Online” APP will provide exclusive worldwide during the event live, so stay tuned. (Diamond snail)

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