Henan star? Ting Zhu Junior is coach regarded as talented girl


Beijing time on March 28, the largest volleyball Forum, one name is not familiar to the women’s volleyball team Nova became a fan discussion Center. She is Han Wenya, pipes, of Henan province, Cheng Shenxiu and Ting Zhu coach Zhan Haigen, Director of the Center as the “Ting Zhu II” girl genius.

1998-born Han Wenya, height has reached 1.98-meter, PF focus on her technology, has a good pass and defensive ability. Although absolute force, her attack was criticized for “too soft”. But on behalf of the youth group and Excel Henan team finish after the race, she will be promoted to the senior team, believe that trained the weaknesses will improve.

Outstanding physical condition, and have a good basic skills, impatient even look forward to Lang ping will give her personally recruited into the new session of the national team set-up, developing her offensive capabilities.

However, Han Wenya is currently under 19 years of age also need to size U19 and U21 teams demonstrate sufficient potential and capacity, it is possible to complete like a Ting Zhu and Yuan Xin玥 “triple jump”, became a member of the national team.

(Source: media I love tennis)

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