Hagi yegongjie to match Phelps Wang Shun can become a lion?


Sports + correspondent reported Meng Wei

After the elbow surgery last year, the Rio Olympic swimming 400 mixed champion, runner-up of 200 mixed Hagi yegongjie have missed many important events at home and abroad, now what? Recent Madrid open will be able to give a clear answer to Hagi yegongjie good entries of five projects with all five, and were ranked in the top ten in the world so far this year.

As a return to Madrid, simply because he and some teammates training in Spain, the nearest participating training effect. Hagi wild five crowns from the 100 back, 200, 400, 200, and 400 mixed. Key items in the world series 200, 200 and 400 mixed-noticeable. Due to the game level is not high, Hagi yegongjie only ego contest, results in the upper 200 mixed-07 1 minutes 58 seconds over Seto at the Tokyo Swimming Championships (Kitajima Cup) 1 minute 58 seconds in the upper reaches 40, ranks this year, first in the world, the results at the Rio Olympic won the seventh. 23,200 in addition 400 mixed-4 minutes 15 seconds out of 1 minute 47 seconds 95, are ranked fifth in the world this year.

This kind of game out of such achievements, Hagi yegongjie confidence, in an interview with the Japanese media, he said: “my grade was good, did feel progress has been made in the training. “An interview with Spanish newspaper Marca is looking for him, Hagi yegongjie start Ho said:” the 2020 Olympic Games, I will try to win a few gold medals, and the goal this year is to seek to win several gold medals at the World Championships. ”

However Marca Hagi yegongjie I would also like to “Ho”, a number of foreign media the Marca newspaper reported that Hagi yegongjie want to breaking lochte and Phelps’s world record in the 200 and 400 mixed. The text captions of the Marca: “Hagi yegongjie wants to be the 2020 Olympics, Michael Phelps. “How many of these words is a reporter for the blog eye re-creation of, but Hagi wild public does not think so?

Hagi yegongjie currently maintains a 200 and 400 mixed-Asian record is 1 05 07 minutes 55 seconds and 4 minutes and 06 seconds, while current world record lochte respectively in the year 2011 swim a 200-00 mix 1 minute 54 seconds, Phelps swam in the 2008 84 400 mixed-4 minutes, 03 seconds, there is a real gap. Phelps, now retired, lochte to be punished out of the World Championships, now 24, Hagi yegongjie, at least this year, grasp of the two Medley is great. As for world records, Hagi yegongjie is the first Asian record broken again.

Of course don’t forget Chinese Wang Shun, short course World Championships 200 mixed Wang Shun defeat Seto won the Championship, is considered a major breakthrough is the Chinese swimming. Wang Shun in the long pool 200 and 400 mixed’s best result was 1 minute 56 seconds on 55 and 4 minutes 09 seconds 10, gaps between it and the Hagi yegongjie, larger than Hagi gap between the yegongjie and the world record. However, Wang Shun, in last year’s Asian Championships 200 mixed 1 55 minutes 56 seconds, Hagi has been exceeded 1 minute 56 seconds of wild Olympic runner-up 61, now has a clear focus: 200 mix, was Wang Shun advance speed, speed of or Hagi yegongjie find the best feeling?

Finally, Hagi yegongjie 200, though only his third item, data than the Sun on a gap. But please remember Incheon Asian Games, Hagi yegongjie Sun between putaihuan and upset Win 200 Championship that scene. Now he’s back, in addition to the three who match any of the items for Chinese players, it will be a major threat.

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